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If they vexed, let them burst

Opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) political leader Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, says those who do not want to see his face on the ballot paper would get the shock of their lives, because he will be on the ballot as a Presidential candidate in October. He made comment after being qualified by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to contest in the October 10th polls.

“If they don’t want to see my face on the ballot, if they don’t want to see the motto: poverty is not our destiny, let them burst. In fact, there’s another song; it says if they don’t want to see it, burst your eyes. Burst your eyes”, Dr. Jones rapped on Saturday, 22 July in Kessely Boulevard Community, Gardnersville as he receives responses from supporters.

The Presidential hopeful promises to address the Liberian people at another time on the issue concerning his clearance by the NEC, noting that this country is “ours, it is for all of us”.Dr. Jones gets qualified to contest the presidential election without headache of contesting any issue with the NEC at the Supreme Court of Liberia contrary to what many may have thought, having smartly witnessed the highest court reversing the disqualification of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) Vice Standard Bearer Harrison Karnwea.
Concerns grew here as to whether the former Central Bank Governor Dr. Jones would have successfully crossed the NEC’s examination after the Commission rejected Mr. Karnwea’s candidacy for violating some provisions of the controversial Code of Conduct that bars all presidential appointees from contesting public offices if they had not resigned two or three years prior to such elections.

“Well, let me say it another way, those who do not want to see us on the ballot in October, we are going to be on the ballot because … the Elections Commission has given us the go ahead to be on the ballot. So if they don’t like it, let them burst”, Dr. Jones tells a jubilant crowd in the community.
“Let me say another point, one of the speakers reminded me that when I went to the market here sometime ago I said that those that did not like what we were doing, if they were vexed, they shall what, burst”, he adds.

In what appears to be reawakening of his supporters’ hopes, Dr. Jones says a MOVEE government will look like the people of Liberia without any discrimination in “our” books, having based his premise on the meaning of democracy that it is a government of the people, for the people and by the people.
He was endorsed by the Friends of Billclintos Kamara, MOVEE’s representative aspirant for Montserrado County District #12 at an event in the Kesselly Boulevard Community of Gardnersville.

Dr. Jones urges MOVEE partisans and supporters to give Mr. Kamara their full support because the party needs people, who will work in Legislature, saying, “So stand with him; support him; he is our candidate”.Earlier, Mr. Kamara observes that in the face of poverty and underdevelopment in Liberia, some people want to create barrier for a son of the land (Dr. Jones) who says poverty is not “our’ portion.

Mr. Kamara however says their own rattan is beating them, having seen his political leader Dr. Jones qualified to run in the presidential election, promising that Dr. Jones will speak on their behalf.
“Now the youth, now the youth, I want to admonish you, that don’t compromise six years for three months. We have three months to elections, we have six years to go. You got to look at the long-term impact”, he says.
The representative aspirant stresses that if transformation were to be achieved in Liberia, there must be firmed democracy that will encourage free and fair participation of the people.

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By Winston W. Parley

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