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“Illegal and Unconstitutional”

LP chairpersons descried Bility, Kollah expulsion

The fifteen chairpersons of the Liberty Party (LP) from across the country’s 15 political sub-divisions have described as illegal and unconstitutional, the weekend meeting held in Grand Bassa to expel embattled Chairman Musa Bility and Secretary General Martin Kollah respectively.

A faction of the LP presided over by Senator Nyonblee Karngar Lawrence over the weekend held what it said was a Special Session of the National Executive Council (NEC) to expel Bility and Kollah, and subsequently announced plans to hold a special national convention this year.

The Nyonblee faction also suspended other members of the NEC and county chairpersons who they claimed continue to aid and abet Bility and Kollah against the party.

But the County Chairpersons condemning the decision said it was in full knowledge that Senators Lawrence, Abraham Darius Dillon, Steve Zargo and Mr. Jacob Smith were all suspended from their positions for their refusal to pay dues as required by the LP Constitution since the 22nd of December, 2021.

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In a press release signed by Ballah Bue (Bomi County), Daniel Z. Buleekpah (Margibi), Daniel Gbasagee (Rivercess) Gaspa Momolu ( Grand Cape Mount) Jefferson Gbaryan  ( Bong ) and Augustine Wiah (Sinoe), the group said it categorically distanced itself from any and all meetings/activities organized, called or that will be called by the suspended political leader while under suspension and that any decision coming out of meetings called by the suspended political leader has no magnitude whatsoever as she lacks the constitutional authority.

“The suspended PL claimed that her family meeting expelled the National Chairman, SG and many of us recently in a meeting of her family in Buchanan in desperation for naked power and her way of bypassing the dues payment as required by the party constitution. It is becoming a shame and embarrassment that Senator Lawrence, Senator Dillon, Senator Zargo and their likes who have benefited from our votes as a party to give them well-paid jobs will think about only them and their children”, the statement said.

“Since their suspension, the suspended PL and a few handfuls of officials continue to undermine the unity of the party, by bringing our party to public ridicule and downplaying the general interest of the party. These handfuls of disloyal partisans continue to support the suspended political leader who is selfishly fueling the division of the party and partisans”, the statement added.

The group gave some legal backings to its support for the Bility led faction, while denouncing the posture of Senator Lawrence and her group by relying on the decision by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to confirm that the 2021 notarized constitution of the party remains the authentic document until it is successfully challenged or amended.

The group also referenced the August 23, 2021 letter addressed to Senator Lawrence in which NEC stated that “in keeping with the practice and procedure here at the NEC, when a party, especially through its Chairperson and/or Secretary General, submits a notarized document, such as a constitution, to the Commission, the general presumption is that the said document is proper and remains as such until successfully challenged in keeping with due process or amended by the Party”.

“The confirmation by the NEC was welcomed by the Liberty Party as it effectively denounces all claims that the suspended PL, and her handful of other suspended officials, have made public, that the LP Constitution was “withdrawn”, the statement said.

“The suspended PL attempt to nullify the January 2021 Special National Convention that witnessed our participation as county leaders were mind-bugging, undemocratic and autocratic. Even our founding father, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine (May his soul rest in peace) never at any point in time ever thought about exercising such undemocratic and autocratic tendencies in his line of duty as a political leader. What Senator Lawrence has seen to have forgotten is that the illegal sitting she called in Buchanan does not exist in the LP constitution any longer. So the Council believed that the meeting in Buchanan called by the suspended political leader was Kangar’s family meeting and nothing more”, the group said further.

The council said it was informing all partisans and well-wishers of LP that it stands with the legally constituted body of LP led by Chairman Musa Hassan Bility and recognized by the National Elections Commission (NEC) and further called on Senator Lawrence, Senator Zargo, Jacob Smith and all those suspended officials of the party to endeavor to settle their dues obligations and desist from impersonation and falsehood. It added that the National Elections Commission should act accordingly in line with its regulations to stop these self-seeking and political anti-democratic individuals from impersonating in capacities that they do not occupy.

 “The County Council assures partisans and well-wishers that as leaders of our respective counties, we will do everything in our power to protect the LP constitution and the legacy of their founding fathers. We, therefore, encourage all partisans to denounce the lawlessness, undemocratic and autocratic tendencies exhibited by the suspended political leaders and her handful of supporters as LP has been and is known to be a party that respects the Law”, the council concluded.


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