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Crime & Punishment

Illegal Mining: Loss of Revenue and Environment Problems

This photo of mining activities was taken in Bensonville, Youth Camp over the weekend. This is just one of the many fresh and old mining sites that was seen from the main streets.

This mining site is daringly visible from the street, and carried out in broad daylight by energetic persons. Are they operating on their own, or hired by someone? Are they paying taxes to government?

While mining itself can negatively impact the environment, the implications of illegal mining are even worse: the loss of revenue to government, and the severe environmental problems that can linger for many years.  Therefore the government must oversee mining activity in the state and ensure adequate controls over quantities of products produced, transported, and also make certain that appropriate measures are taken to protect our environment.

My own suggestion is that all mine owners must also be directed to erect name boards at mine entrances which will disclose relevant details and permissions to operate.

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