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I’m not pleased

The political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexandra B. Cummings is unhappy about the economy and governance of the country by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government saying, “I’m not pleased where the country is heading.”

A former Coco Cola executive, Cummings argues the economy under the previous administration was far better than what it is today, noting that under the present regime, the Liberian dollar has declined in value, prices are up and investors are closing their companies and businesses.

“After almost a year in office, I will say this government have not done well at all in terms of performance, weather it is the economy, which is a huge challenge, prices are up, the Liberian dollar have lost its value, investors are closing down their companies and people are being layoff; these things are all facts that this government is not doing well,” he outlines in a live talk show here Tuesday, 27 November.

The former presidential candidate, who attributes the poor state of the economy to lack of competency in the CDC-led government, observes that most people appointed in government lack total experience to the day to day operation of the job they were appointed to do.

He says the government is not taking any action to change the trajectory of the worse economy, adding that since the ascendency to state power, there hasn’t been a talk about investing in agriculture.

Mr. Cummings wants every Liberian to be very concerned about the alleged missing 16 billion Liberian banknotes, noting that judging from the so many different statements by some of the government officials on the missing money; it clearly signals the information is not fake, as others claim.

He stresses that it is impossible to serve as player and judge at the same time, noting the government investigating its self in the missing money saga sends out clear message that the outcome of the investigation will not be credible.

Mr. Cummings however, welcomes President Weah’s free tuition pronouncement for undergraduates at the University of Liberia and other public universities and colleges across the country, but urges the authorities to give more attention to the private sector, cautioning that nowhere in the world that a government had succeeded without the private sector.

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By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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