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Important Things One Should Know

In Liberia today things are changing rapidly in ways that one’s success on the job or business depends on their ability to constantly adapt to change and to understand people. This is important because values that you have as an individual will prepare you to become effective. Therefore, you will need to think about ways that you can develop your “job” into a career and think about ways that you can begin to live your life on purpose.

As you continue your job or business, understand that you are a leader. Therefore, note that your leadership influence must have an aim: Leadership cannot be exercise in a vacuum. It must be for specific purposes, goals and aims. Your desire to become a leader must be because you want to lead people somewhere and not to manage or exploit them. People don’t want to be managed. They want to be inspired. Know that a leader is one who steps out and take the challenge ahead. Multitudes are waiting for people who will step into leadership positions so they can be given direction. Millions of people are eagerly waiting to come under the umbrella of good leadership. The waiting list is endless and it includes individuals, groups, nations, companies, etc.

Living on purpose should be a priority for you. What touches your heart? List significant books, people, events, mentors and accomplishments that have shape your life so far. What recurring themes or issues keep coming up in your conversations? What specific resources do you have at your side that you could employ as you fulfill your mission?  Chose your style of leadership, and know your personality and gifts? What unique means of influence do you use when you try to accomplish a task? What are the things you’d love to do before you died? The above will help you live your life on purpose.

Begin to write out your purpose statement that answers the questions: Why do you exist? Why did God give you to the world, especially Liberia, the country of your birth? Based on your mission statement, describe in detail what you see as the ultimate results of your life, as if you could see your contribution from the other end of it. Start each vision statement with the words: “I see…” List words that describe your deepest values. They should be principles that drive you. These should be simple, descriptive words; you should list no more than six and finally, list areas of your life (spiritual life, family, professional, social) that are important to your purpose.

Friend, your attitude counts. Attitude creates momentum – positive or negative – for you or your leadership. Business executives say the most important elements for potential employees are: 5% availability, 5% adaptability, 10% ability, 10% appearance, and 70% attitude. Note the importance of attitude in both leaders and team members. A practicing psychologists list five rules for evaluating people considered for job promotion: 1. Ambition, 2. Attitude toward policy, 3. Attitude toward colleagues, 4. Leadership skills, and 5. Attitude to pressure on the job. Know these things.

As you desire to work or do business time management is important as well as meeting deadlines. Time management is also an important success factor in everything you do. Observing company or business rules and procedures and making decision are also important.

It is important, in the present world of ours to be award of cultural differences, and in doing business there are different customs that must be adhered to. Being an effective member of a team and setting goals are critical to your success as well as to your business or company with which you work. Accept differences for it is in our differences that we are able to see our strengths and weaknesses and accepting our differences is the beauty of our work together – that although we are different we are moving on and making progress – accepting each other’s faults and limitations.

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It is also important to manage our relationship at home and at our work or business place. Management is being able to control what we do, how and when we do it and adjusting to change in the work place and in our personal lives. Setting realistic short and long term goals can help us on the way to success. In short, everyone needs to understand that it is necessary to set priorities and to adjust goals due to circumstances, but it is important to keep being motivated.

Observing work or business ethics is very important. An organization that is ethical will be internationally aware and committed to diversity of human nature and environmentally sensitive and responsible. And as an employee or a businessman you must be honest, loyal, and accept responsibility for your actions. Also remember that your personal life can affect your professional reputation and as you bring about disrepute to your name at your workplace or doing business you have already destroyed the character you have built over the years.

Are you discouraged by your present job or situation? Then I suggest you ask yourself some soul-searching and honest questions. How much time have you spent cultivating an awareness of your job, business or that which you are doing? Do you know your job or business well? How many hours each day have you invested in becoming informed? Have you developed a powerful understanding and confidence in what you are doing? Information breeds’ confidence.

Understand that the work place can be challenging and rewarding. Keep learning and taking advantage of training opportunities that are available to you so that you become more valuable to your employer and organization.

Lastly, be a good communicator as well as understand diversity. Communication is essential in the business world and in your personal life. Know for sure that communication is the life line of a business or organization. As you will be communicating yours or company’s image, you will be talking with people daily. It is important to have good verbal communication skills so that the information is delivered successfully. As it is said first impression counts and these impressions you make on others has more to do with your image. Know that your image is important in being able to help you in your career.

(Chealy Brown Dennis is a marketing and business development consultant. He is also a much sought after motivational speaker and offers training in leadership, creative sales and marketing, strategic planning and team building. He also offers on-location and train-the-trainer formats for leaders, managers, businesses and organizations. He can be contacted through email at: dennisbc2011@yahoo.com or on phone at: 0886-264-611 or 0776-545-394)

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