Improving Employee Output

The engine oil behind every organization are its people, they provide the life line of its operations; think of it as the blood that runs through our bodies. No matter how perfect each part of your body is, if there is insufficient blood in the system, it will shut down. Given their vital role for smooth operation in every company, no matter the size, here are some pros to consider. They will not only improve the performance of your company, but also increase the employees’ morale and output.

Provide the necessary resources: Employees will need the right tools to perform their duties appropriately. Some employers in the hope of reducing cost go overboard in limiting the resources availed to employees. It is good business practice to control your expenses, however don’t choke the resources, making it impossible for the employees to deliver. For example, if your business relies heavily on real time data, invest in a reliable internet connectivity network with the appropriate bandwidth. This will allow employees to be more efficient, have the data they need to perform their duties and most of all make them happy as they have the right tools. On the other hand if your choice of tools is scanty, it results into frustration from both your employees and customers.

Link the pay to performance: Compensate your employees based on their performance; sometimes look beyond group performance to individual performance. Money is a great motivator and the more an employee feels appreciated or well compensated, the harder they want to work, commit their loyalty and defend the company. However the opposite is the same, under performers should be dealt with appropriately to avoid a vicious cycle. Lenience in addressing under performers can lead to loss of moral on other staff and increases the liability of the company and reduces overall company productivity.

Award top performance: Make it a practice to always recognize top performers in your company. Social recognition plays a big role in motivating the staff to work even harder. Rewards come in many different forms, sometimes at very little or no cost to the company. Using terms to complement your employees such as Thank you, Well done, Excellent, in front of their peers or via the company email creates a positive and energized work environment. To step it up, the company can organize a staff meeting in the form of family day or just social day, where recognition goes beyond the staff to reach their families. Other recognitions include, issuing gift cards, Staff of the Month or Year board and certificates. This and many more recognition should be incorporated in everyday activities of the company.

Promote from within: Should an opportunity fall vacant within the organization, give your current employees a chance to step into the role, or at least interview them first for the position, prior to searching externally. This will make your employees that they are valued, the company presents them with opportunities to grow and it will save you cost, since the employees are already familiar with the company culture.

Provide adequate and flexible hours: Plan work schedules such that employees have adequate time to attend to their personal agendas without interfering with their performance. For example if it is not necessary or profitable to work on a weekend, then let your employees have the day off. Additionally always provide for lunch hour and breaks in between working hours as it helps employees keep their concentration and be more productive. Set reasonable deliverables and expectations to your employees. This is because when the demand to deliver is too high, employees will feel pressured, less organized and end up working extra hours.

Every company survives on the performance of its employees. How you treat your employees through motivation, support, compensation or the resources you avail, is what differentiates you from other companies. The more appreciated they feel, the harder they work and this propels the company forward.


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