In Darlington George’s case: Victim demands speedy attention

Lawyers representing victim Esther Glain, allegedly brutalized by former Presidential guard, Darlington George, are demanding the Government of Liberia to speedily address their client’s medication.

Ms Glain was brutally flogged recently in Barnersville Estate, a Monrovia suburb allegedly on orders of Darlington following a quarrel. The accused, deputy director for the elite Executive Protection Service or EPS, has already been dismissed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and turned over to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution.

The defense team from the Law Society headed by former Public Works Minister, Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, who returned to activism here after resigning from the Sirleaf led-government, also demands that government deal with alleged threats being made against their client and her potential witnesses by unknown persons.

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“We are constantly reminded about the case of Michael Allison and the kind of justice meted out!,” Atty. Woods said in a statement issued in Monrovia Monday night, making reference to the late whistleblower Cllr. Allison, who reportedly drowned early this year under suspicious circumstances while in a rigmarole with House Speaker Alex Tyler, and other lawmakers over oil consultation money.

Atty. Woods and his team said they will do their part to fully cooperate and respect the laws of Liberia, but noted that the government must do more to reassure the public that justice will be done and be seen to be done.

The Liberia Law Society however dismissed claims that “it has refused to present its Client, Ms. Glain” to the Liberia National Police for investigation, consistent with the Laws of Liberia.  The law firm says such statements and insinuation from sources of the Liberian government are far from the truth and intended to mislead the public.

It recalled that during the investigation, Atty. Woods and Ms. PsioSaydeeTarr of the Gbowee Foundation, including a representative from WIPNET, escorted victim Glain to the police at which time the counsel informed investigators that the victim “was still ill and severely traumatized by the experience and needed medical attention.”

“In fact our client, Ms. Glain was en route to the hospital on appointment but decided to suspend the treatment in order to cooperate with the investigation,” the counsel said further. He added that the police was informed that on Tuesday, September 15, a formal complaint was submitted to the Police Station in Barnesville, after which he claims that anonymous persons have threatened Ms. Glain and potential witnesses that have agreed to testify.

“The Law Society calls on the Government of Liberia to perform its constitutional duty consistent with the laws of Liberia and refrain from all and any attempts to shift blame and accuse our client, the victim, of non-cooperation,” the counsels said.

They concluded by urging the government to take note that ordinary citizens here are weary, overly suspicious and convinced “that justice is the exclusive preserve of the rich and powerful.” The lawyers also raised concerns that in this case, a fellow colleague of the security service is involved which they see to be even more frightening.

By Winston W. Parley – Edited by Jonathan Browne

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