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Indeed, the overwhelming majority of law-abiding, patriotic Liberians are, now, extremely concerned and deeply-troubled about the nature, scope and level of (apparent) government officials-sponsored, –involved lawlessness or planned disobedience to Law.

This development has brought or is bringing shame, disgrace and disrepute to the name and character of the Liberian nation and people, a pattern of public, dishonest behavior of no return.

According to the newspaper (Hotpepper Liberia, September 14, 2018), “detectives of the Emergency Response Unit of the National Police and the National Security Agency . . . raided the offices of the Auditing Department of the Central Bank on the fifth floor of the CBL Building . . . searching computers of staffers, interested in . . . digitized records . . . in search of any record that will give them a clue to the mystery of the missing container containing L$9 billion in Bank Notes . . .  printed in Lebanon . . . all in L$500 and L$100” denominations.

The Paper continued that “On March 31, 2018, the 40-foot container with L$9 billion, approximately US $59 million, left the Free Port of Monrovia upon written request by Mariea E. Grisby-Toe, Oldada DeShield,  Musulyn R. B. Jackson and five others, officials of the Central Bank of Liberia, escorted by well-armed members of the Emergency Response Unit of the National Police”.

But the container with its contents disappeared in thin air!!  This development of a missing container with such number of banknotes of L$9 billion while the nation’s economy is in the Great Beyond with depreciation of the Liberian currency, the Liberian dollar, in hot pursuit is certainly of national economic and political significance and importance.

Therefore, reasonable, diligent law enforcement suggests arrest of the known officials of the Central Bank – Mariea E. Grisby-Toe, Oldada DeShield, Musulyn R. B. Jackson for questioning. But this was no done and why was it not done?

Law is not only academic/intellectual theoretical Discipline taught at colleges and universities, but also, crucial requirement, because of its (Law’s) practical impact, positively or negatively, on achievement of basic, pre-determined desirable goals of society – safety, security, rights protection, economic and political well-being or Happiness, consistent with diligent application and obedience to Law.

 Six Months laterNow, On September 14, 2018, Police raids the offices of the Central Bank of Liberia for “clue to the mystery of the missing container containing L$9 billion”.

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In the light of the prevailing level of some Liberians’ desire for foreign citizenship (dual nationality), it is reasonable to argue that, perhaps, the concerned Central Bank officials are out of Liberia at this time.

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The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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