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Increased smuggling at Liberian-Guinean border

This paper has received report of increased smuggling of gasoline and other products, including rice from Liberia into Guinea thru the Liberian-Guinean border in Ganta, Nimba County.

The NewDawn Nimba Correspondent says Guinean tankers with gasoline are seen daily leaving from Liberia into Guinea. During a recent visit to the Ganta main border by our correspondent, Liberian Joint Security personnel were seen fighting over cash received from Guinean drivers to allow them easy crossover into Guinea.

Some residents of Ganta told our correspondent due to the increased smuggling, the retail or pump price for a gallon of gas has jumped from 320 Liberian Dollars to 400 Liberian Dollars.

Liberian authorities forbid gas, rice and cement, considered essential goods, from leaving the country.  But it appears the mandate is yet to be executed by the Joint Security in Nimba, particularly at the Ganta main borders.

“My brother, we can give more than 10 thousand Liberian dollars to the Joint Security before we cross with our goods into Guinea”, a Guinean driver involved in the cat told our correspondent.

Some members of the Joint Security   at the border said “where you tied goat, it is where it eats from”, a common Liberian saying, meaning an employee should be able to survive at his or her place assignment thru tokens or bribes, a common practice in the country.

By Franklin Doloquee, Nimba-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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