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Independence Day Oration: Constructive Criticisms Amount to Changes and Progress

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This year’s National Independence Day Oration delivered by former Liberian Diplomat Charles Minor in the City of Greenvile, Sinoe Country in the Southeast of Liberia may have covered a number of economic, social and political issues with which the nation is confronted.

But the negative criticisms characterizing the expression of our ‘frustrations and grievances’ on national issues also negatively portray our country domestically and internationally. 


This is why we hailed the Independence Day National Orator when he took on those who criticize the way they do when they- themselves, may not be free of the same attributes for which they criticize.


“We must also admit that criticism is important in our growing democracy; criticism can some time warn of worst things to come and even when we consider criticism to be negative, they ensure that those who govern …, do so with care, diligence, accountability, transparency, and trust,” said Orator Ambassador Charles Minor before a huge Greenville City hall audience on Monday, July 27, 2015 at which time our Independence Day was officially commemorate.


In furtherance of his foregoing assertion, Ambassador the National Orator indicated that most of those who have criticized since the time of Tubman, when given the opportunity to serve, demonstrated no better skills, no greater attitudes, no higher level of honesty than those who had been criticized.


In agreement with the Ambassador, criticisms must be constructive enough to challenge those who govern to exercise care, diligence, accountability, transparency, and trust in administering the state of affairs.

But for some Liberians, especially in recent years, have chosen to thrive on the path of destructive or negative criticisms.


And it is no secret that when given the opportunity to serve or govern, such critics perform so dismally so much so that the nation is exposed to danger or conflict.


With this undeniable reality as spoken by our Independence Day Orator, we can only hope that those of us outside of government and in the opposition will consider this issue a challenge for transformation of our negative approach to taking our leaders to task.


Lashing out at our leaders – especially using the media with disrespect, including invectives, in no way amount to any criticism, but mere rudeness.


It must be done constructively with the necessary recommendations for gradual changes and progress.

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