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Indian Business Chamber announces 200 bags of rice

–For Liberian prison system

On behalf of the Indian Business Chamber, Indian businessman, and philanthropist Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva (Mr. Jeety) has announced a donation of 200 bags of rice and 50 bags of beans for Liberia’s prison system.

Announcing the donation on Liberia’s Armed Forces Day at the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP) Saturday, 11 February 2023, Mr. Jeety told prison authorities to send some of the rice and beans to other prison facilities outside Monrovia.

“Today, I, on behalf of [the] Indian Business Chamber for which I am the founding chairman …, am announcing that we will provide them in the next one [to] two days, 200 bags of rice, and 50 bags of beans … for the whole prison system,” said Mr. Jeety.

He said prison facilities outside Monrovia should receive their share of the donation so that they can have some nourished meals for some time.

“This is a way for [the] Indian Business Chamber to identify themselves with the people of Liberia. And I am wishing every one of you a happy Armed Forces Day,” he said.

In observance of Liberia’s Armed Forces Day, Mr. Jeety and his team from the Jeety Trading Corporation fed the prison population at the Monrovia Central Prison.

As always, they provided home-cooked hot nourished meals for the inmates, along with water and soft drinks.

Mr. Jeety said the acute demand for food at the Monrovia Central Prison led the team to carry the food there.

He noted that when you are held in detention for a crime, you cannot move around to struggle for food like those who have freedom outside. 

As such, Mr. Jeety pleaded that for the sake of humanity, fellow business people and humanitarians should do something for those held in prisons.

Responding, Monrovia Central Prison Superintendent Col. Varney Lake thanked Mr. Jeety and his team for their continuous support, especially for the donation of rice announced on behalf of the Indian Business Chambers.

Col. Lake said there are a lot of challenges and the government cannot do it all, applauding Mr. Jeety for using his resources and mobilizing his colleagues to help the prison system.

“So, we are very grateful, and I think one thing that appeases me most is that he’s always seeing what he donates to the prison being used for the right purpose,” said Col. Lake.

He said whatever Mr. Jeety donates to the prison system, he realizes that it is used for its purpose.


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