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Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

Indeed, there is no massive public wonder but shame, embarrassment and disgrace for the socio-economic and political conditions prevailing in the country, regarding:

a) The abrupt withdrawal of the nomination of the Nigerian-born, “Liberian-naturalized citizen”, Counsellor-at-Law NdubusiNwabudike as Chairman of Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) is, in fact, national as well as, in specific terms, for his alleged several questionable/illegal activities;

b) The indictment/guilty-decision by the nation’s high Court of Public Opinion is the result of revelations of several questionable/illegal activities by Cllr. Nwabudike in which the highest and some mid-level Government agencies and administrative officials are alleged to be involved by display of lack of Credibility, Integrity and Commitment/loyalty. For, these highest and mid-level government agencies and officials are responsible for and expected of the highest commitment to loyalty, transparency, credibility and integrity in government-top, executive management/administration.

But the recent revelations of socio-economic and political intrigues, embarrassment and disgraceful activities by the alleged Nigerian “crook” in which such high-level agencies of government and officials – the Liberian Immigration Service (LIS), State University of Liberia (UL), the Liberia National Bar Association (LNBA), the Supreme court of Liberia, the National Legislature and the nation’s Chief Executive Presidency – were allegedly involved raise deeply-disturbing questions regarding the hotly-debated/debating issue of dual citizenship, also, with questions of public/private dishonesty, corruption and paralysis in management of the national economy.

These activities, unfortunately, had been and are Liberian historical practices since 1847, the founding of the nation.

But today’s fast-paced activities concerned with socio-economic, political and development obligations/responsibilities driven by scientific innovations – notably, information technology of public/private institutions place emphasis on rational investment and Management ofHuman Resources, with functions and responsibilities to recruit, interview, select/hire and place applicants having requisite qualifications not only for successful performance, but also, to protect the image of the institutions against dishonest and unethical practices.

This process depends upon and utilizes the Resume` and interviews with diligent follow-up or verification of employment experiences and references indicated on paper, the resume’. But the Resume` of academic training/achievements and some work experiences predicts, only basically, successful work performance, not a positive guarantee that the candidate having an excellent resume` will perform successfully in the given position; not, even, the character of the candidate.

As a matter of fact, the resume` says very little or nothing about the character of the applicant in the community and/or in the workplace. This important, critical information regarding character or attributes and workplace attitudes – honesty, openness, team work, cooperation/collaboration, ability to listen to and respect the views of others, irrespective of opposition, and the required behavioral patterns of commitment to democratic practices in top management – are obtained only by diligent research and verification of references, the major responsibility of the Human Resource Departments.

But again, this professional executive management system and requirement had been, and is, historically absent in Liberian management, particularly in Liberian government; thus, the result of Cllr. NdubusiNwadubudike!

Adding “insult to injury”, the recent disclosures involving Cllr. Nwabudike and of Liberia’s continuous, historical absence of commitment, credibility and integrity in the highest and mid-levels of government agencies and officials, particularly, at Government Health Protection institutions during this national/international deadly Pandemic of the coronavirus raise critical, crucial questions of survival of the poor, innocent, relatively uneducated men, women and children of this nation who are, now, rural-to-city migrants dwellers crammed in over-populated ghetto-slum “suburbs”, surrounding the nation’s Capital City of Monrovia.

At the Core of these illegal, Embarrassing Disclosures
The major Actor of the Cast of Characters of this intriguing, socio-economic and Political Play is the Nigerian attorney who seeks to hold on to his “naturalized” Liberian citizenship and, possibly, to his US-Liberia dual citizenship of Liberia, apparently, secured through his Liberian “connections”.

Significantly, these disclosures/revelations open up, expose and make crystal clear, once again, in a continuous fashion, Liberia’s conscious attitude of failure, ignoring, lack of attention or inability to deal, diligently, against public wrong-doing efficiently/effectively, by speaking out forcefully, with “guts and the political will”, particularly, with emphasis on the nation’s structural economic and related problems concerned with democratic, political CHANGE.

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