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Insincerity kills opposition

A supporter of opposition presidential candidate Alexander Cummings’ Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Mulbah Kesselly says insincerity is one of the things that have killed the opposition here.

“By the way, the Liberty Party, you see like I stated earlier you know when I premise my statement, insincerity is one of the things that really killed the opposition and I still see that being run within the Liberty Party,” Kessely claimed during an exchange among representatives of four parties’ youth wing on Tuesday, 17 October at Prime FM 105.5.

Kesselly’s comments came after opposition Liberty Party (LP’s) Jarp Qunicy claimed during the exchange that “the level of fraud in the election has the ability of overturning the election result, that’s what Liberty Party believes.”

Notwithstanding LP’s claims, the ANC’s supporter Kessely insists that while he could not argue that the entire election process was void of problems, he did not know if the problems coming from the 10 October elections warrant Liberians going for a rerun.

Mulbah questioned the essence of having thousands of partisans accompanying LP leaders just to file a complaint with the NEC over alleged elections matters.

“And so you see, as I was saying, what’s the essence of you having thousands of Liberty Party supporters accompanying the leadership at the National Elections Commission to file just a complaint?” he asked.

He argues that when people come to these processes, they have to be sincere to themselves firstly, and then to the Liberian people.

Kesselly believes that even if [the NEC] were to give LP all the votes that they are contesting, the party would still not come second or go to a runoff election.

But a supporter of opposition presidential candidate Macdonald Wento’s United People’s Party (UPP), Michael Tipayson says inasmuch as it makes sense to say rerun is not likely, the opposition community must be moderate in addressing issues coming from other opposition parties.

In backing the LP’s claims of elections fraud, Tipayson claims that the NEC Chair Cllr. Jerome Korkoya has undermined the entire process.

On Sunday, 15 October, the LP’s youth wing leader Cephas Flanzamaton said the party’s youth wing would begin an indiscriminate violent free demonstration in and around Monrovia this week, most specifically at the NEC headquarters to show their seriousness in rejecting results coming from the elections.

LP’s Charles Brumskine stands at third place in the presidential elections with 9.8 percent of the votes counted so far, after 95 percent of all the votes cast have been counted by the Commission as of 15 October.

By Winston W. Parley

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