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“Insulting President Weah unacceptable”

Bomi County District # 3 Rep. Edwin Snow has frowned on his colleague, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah of Montserrado County District #10 for is alleged personal attack on President George Manneh Weah.

Rep. Snow who appeared on Truth FM in Duport Road, Paynesville on Monday, 28 January says Rep. Kolubah has the right to criticize the president where necessary, but not to insult the president.

Snowe says he welcomes Rep. Kolubah’s critical stance on the government because criticism helps the democracy to move in the fastest way that it should move.

According to Snowe, asking for the president’s bank account is not a problem. But he says accusing the president of allegedly taking half of the 16 billion to his house without showing prove is unfair.

He says there is a need to stop making such claim. Rep. Snowe agrees that one can disagree with the president, but that disagreement can be done without necessarily insulting the president.

According to him, all of the young people that are in government today were critical on the Unity Party (UP) government, but the idea of insulting the president is wrong and is unacceptable for Liberia’s democracy.

Snowe says he personally met Rep. Kolubah and confronted him on the issue of his utterances toward the president, and Kolubah has allegedly promised to desist from throwing insults at the president.Snowe notes that he will personally condemn Kolubah if there is any repetition of this act against the president.

He dispels rumors that the police are investigating Rep. Kolubah, saying the investigation issue was set up by a board that include the Bar Association, Civil Society and other people.Snowe notes that after the investigation, if apology is required, Kolubah will apologize for his action.

“If Yekeh insults the president again, myself will condemn him, but he has committed himself to never again throw insult at the president, and for that I think it is a good idea, because it helps our democracy,” Snowe says.

The Bomi County Representative indicates that Mr. Kolubah filed a complaint, while the police also filed a complaint.

Snowe says he filed a motion that Kolubah will not subject himself to investigation, but will face a board that was set up by the Legislature.
According to him, the intent is to get to the root cause of this entire incident that took place recently in Kolubah’s district when a program that the lawmaker had organized for kids got disrupted by violence by protesters mostly believed to supporters of ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Mr. Kolubah remains critical against the CDC – led government.
According to Rep. Snow, Yekeh Kolubah was not the only person facing investigation, but Police Director Col. Patrick Sudue is also facing questioning over the matter that took place in District # 10.
He says it was one of the reasons why they set up an independent board to investigate both parties and bring up the facts.

Meanwhile, Snowe says lawmakers were unfairly judged by the public over Kolubah’s case, assuring that they will never set up their colleagues.
He narrates that the way lawmakers do things at the Legislature is far different from the way people see things in the public.
He explains that lawmakers work in accordance with the law as per their duties.

By Lewis S. Teh –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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