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Integrity needed more in Liberia

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Immediate past Public Procurement and Concessions Commission (PPCC) Executive Director James Dorbor Jallah says integrity is needed now more than ever in every sphere of the Liberian society for the benefit of the country.

“And now more than ever, I think … integrity is needed in every sphere of our society, like my colleague was saying,” Mr. Jallah said Wednesday morning, 30 January during the unveiling of the Integrity Wall of Fame for five new Idols at Accountability Lab up Carey Street.

Each year Accountability Lab celebrates five Integrity Idols, and they held the program on Wednesday to unveil the Wall of Fame that was created for five new Idols inclusive of Mr. Jallah that won the Integrity Award in 2018.

During the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Jallah remarked that there is a need for a lot of recognition, particularly in the public sector for people that the public perceive to uphold integrity.

He uses the occasion to explain how he tried to admonish some young people on the campus of the United Methodist University on how to learn to build integrity.

Mr. Jallah says integrity is not a ‘one – event thing’ that one just prepared for today to get tomorrow.

Instead, he notes that integrity is something that you have to live, even when no one is looking at you.

“When you’re taking your test, you know, and you don’t know the answer don’t look [elsewhere for answer], he says, adding that you must be diligent enough to know that you don’t know the answer because you didn’t study hard.

As for those in employments, Mr. Jallah further cautions that if you are a janitor, for instance, and your daughter needs a ream of paper, you shouldn’t take that ream of paper from the office that is not yours.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jallah says he is particularly impressed by Accountability Lab’s plan so far about Integrity Wall of Fame because it will sit in the public glare and people will be able to see it all the time.

He expresses hope that Accountability Lab will continue its engagement with the media so that there will be no rest in talking about people who are idols, doing great things in society to inspire more people to uphold integrity for the benefit of the country.

For his part, Accountability Lab Chief Operating Officer Anthony K. Selmah says Integrity Idol is a flagship project of Accountability Lab that tries to promote integrity idols.

According to him, most Liberians are getting to know about integrity idols, and they want to keep the engagement.

Mr Selmah says they are going to do a lot of outreach, announcing plans to reach at schools to speak to students at universities and high schools, among others.

Some of the speakers at the program include Jean Scrimgear; Rebecca Scotland, a 2017 Idol from TNIMA and JFK and Patrick Gollah, a Janitor from the Ministry of Education, among others.

-Former PPCC boos stresses
By Winston W. Parley

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