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‘Intelligence, character, consciousness”

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-Speaker Chambers urges colleagues

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers has called on members of the House of Representatives to start their work in 2021 with “intelligence, character and a deep sense of patriotic consciousness,” as the legislature commenced its regular session this Monday, 11 January.

Speaker Chambers said there should never again be any space for narcissistic investment as was in the past, adding that this kind of investment creates an atmosphere for the sake of self-gratification to the disadvantage of the people and the state. “We must change the narrative, the time is now,’’ Chambers noted.

The lawmakers’ convocation on Monday was in consonance with Article 32 (a) of the Liberian Constitution, which states that the legislature shall assemble in regular session once a year, on the second working Mondayin January.

Speaking at the opening of the House of Representatives, the House Speaker said in the year 2020, lawmakers experienced severe shocks, springing from politics, health and the economy.

He explained that in terms of the politics, they saw a polarized field, while on the economy, the paucity of the Liberian dollar was pronounced, especially at the advent during the festive season, and for health, the COVID-19 pandemic created serious panic among the population, and thereby rendering the people vulnerable to the economy.

Speaker Chambers warned that the shortage of the Liberian dollar in circulation is alarming, but however gave hope that workable solutions were within reach.

He recalled that in the United States, in 1933, owning more than a $100-worth of gold bullion, coins or certificates became a criminal act, called hoarding, according to investopedia.

He added that hoarding in gold bullion became illegal again in the US in 1974, saying with these measures instituted by the United States in 1933 and 1974 which are worth copying, those examples can create sound conditions of action-oriented frameworks, knowing that whether hoarding of commodities or hoarding of currency can cause tragedies and spark up painful economic instability.

Chambers suggested that there is a compelling need to institute serious action-oriented frameworks or laws to address the evil network of hoarding. During the third sitting of the 54th Legislature at the House of Representatives, there were 69 regular sessions, 47 special sessions and 20 appearances of Ministers and Directors.

By Bridgett Milton–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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