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Invest in Agriculture

Presidential aspirant for the upcoming 2017 Presidential elections, Mr. Carton Bowah A former Managing Editor of the In profile Daily Newspaper has emphasized the need for investment in the griculture sector of Liberia. 

Former Journalist-turned Presidential Aspirant Carton Bowah told a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Thursday that he was more  interested in decreasing the importation of the country’s staple food – rice, and investment in its production for the market. Aspirant Bowah noted that the huge amounts used by the government to import rice could be used to invest in rice production.

“If the importation is from one thousand tons of rice to one million tons, there should be a decrease in that same amount from one million tons,” He averred, emphasizing the need for massive awareness among the Liberian people on their own Liberian products. With the hope of becoming the next President of Liberia, Bowah indicated that communities with good schools would have no need for

additional schools. He also placed emphasis on the construction of housing units for teachers. The Presidential Aspirant also expressed concern about the delays in the restoration of electricity to the country, describing the situation as very frustrating, assuring that under his administration, there would be a mini-hydro on the Mano river to provide electrify to the country as he begged Liberians to give him a chance come 2017. Meanwhile, the Journalist-turned politician has reminded Liberians
that the education system in Liberia was a mess because of the many weak changes made in the education sector, saying he would encourage continuity in the administration of the Ministry of Education for continuity, growth and development, other than changing ministers. According to him, continuous changes would always interrupt the system
and take it backward.-Edited by George Barpeen

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