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Investors head to Liberia

A pool of international investors under the Uni Commerce Group International (UCGI), a UK-based investment conglomerate, arrives in Liberia on Monday, May 27, 2024, to assess possibilities for investment in Liberia, a resource-rich country.

The group headed by Mr. Benyoucef Faiz Hamacha is looking to invest in a range of sectors in Liberia.

Liberia faces employment challenges mainly for its majority youthful population because of limited private sector expansion, which is building up pressure on the government to find something for them to do.

With the new administration pressing forward to keep roads in good shape across the country and launch agriculture as its main flagship mantra, international investment could be the only strongest backbone of the state effort to expand private sector and create jobs.

 Already, the UCGI is in an ongoing preparatory setting up process of what it called the AFRICA CONSORTIUM HOLDING GROUP, PLC Liberia, the umbrella entity of all the investment projects to be carried out in Liberia.

 The company`s delegation brings together a pool of investors who intend to hold exploratory investment discussions with a range of government entities to understand potential investment opportunities in various sectors, including infrastructure, agriculture, banking, mining, transportation, communications, etc.

Grand Gedeh County District #3 Representative Jacob Debee extended the invitation to the UK-based group, which is touching down at Robert’s International Airport on a private jet Monday, to begin talks with officials, beginning with the Chairman of the National Investment Commission on Tuesday, May 28, 2024.

Representative Debee said he looked forward to fruitful engagements between the investors and Liberian Government officials, leading to what he called a launch of the much-needed investment to absorb the country’s youths.

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He said that as a youth himself, he’s keen on scouting investment opportunities to come to Liberia and support the government’s efforts to create jobs through the private sector. 

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