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IREDD raises red flag against Sen. Teahjay

The Institute for Research and Democratic Development or IREDD launches a stinking attack against Sinoe County Senator J. Milton Teahjay for issuing alleged threats at the induction of the Student Council Government of the Willie N. Wylie Memorial Baptist School in Sinoe that the people of Sinoe County Electoral District#3 would be deprived of development, if they reelected incumbent lawmaker Matthew A. Zarzar.

When Senator Teahjay was contacted via mobile phone on several occasions, his private cell phone rang endlessly. But IREDD in a news conference here on Monday, 11 September says Theajay’s alleged threat is a gross violation of power, which has the propensity to create fear and pandemonium within the population of District # 3, Sinoe County.

The civil society group in its quarterly report, also notes that three senior government officials, including Ministers Neto Zarzar Lighe of the Ministry of Labour, Lenn Eugene Nagbe of the Ministry of Information and Mr. Cole Bangalu, Deputy Director General of the Civil Service Agency, have all openly declared support for the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai in clear violation of the Code of Conduct.

Detailing further, IREDD Project Manager Mercy Sackey, notes that on July 12, this year, the Superintendent of Nimba County, Dorh D. Cooper, publicly declared his support for the Unity Party’s incumbent, Vice President and standard bearer, Boakai on a radio talk show, and encouraged citizens of the county to do same.

“We wish to remind Hon. Cooper that he is not Superintendent of Unity Party [members] in Nimba, but Superintendent of the whole of Nimba County and his actions undermine public trust and grossly violate the code of conduct,” she says.

IREDD calls on the Unity Party and officials of government both within the Liberian Legislature and the Executive branch to desist from current attempts of political machismo and muscling of the political space to allow all political parties free and unhindered access to state facilities across the country for as long as they are paying for the use of those facilities.

“We call on the General Service Agency (GSA), to take swift and prompt action to take stock of all official government vehicles and the enforcement of the Code of Conduct to prevent officials of government from using state assets for political campaigning,” Madam Sackie stresses.

IREDD also calls for the abolition of Legislative Support Projects because they do not serve any developmental intent but rather are political tools and waste of taxpayer’s money, which is only intended to benefit few individuals.

It wants political parties to uphold and respect the electoral laws of Liberia and the National Elections Commission to be more forceful in ensuring compliance of provisions of the elections law.

By Lewis Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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