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Is Amb. Kamayah the Cutting-Edge Alleged Sexual Predator on the Bloc?

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Amb. Dee Maxwell SaahKemayah, Sr. was Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary and Permanent Representative to the United Nations. He once served as Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was once appointed to the Joint Transition Team, taskforce with helping to ensure the smooth transition of Liberia’s Presidency from Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to George Weah. Today, Amb. Kamayah is one of the many accused sexual perpetrators in the recent past by one Ms. C. Wilson.

Interestingly, Amb. Kamayah is working assiduously overtime to clear his name and defend his reputation after being named as Liberia’s Foreign Minister designated by Pres. Weah. The Ambassador is currently in a terrible damage control mode with Madam Cummings Wilson keeping the pressure on him on grounds of serious sexual deposition. Notably, if Amb. Kemaya, Sr. is acquitted or not his reputation as at now is forthwith incompatible to the hard-earned image of Liberia’s quick-witted Foreign-Service duties and responsibilities in view of such a disgraceful allegation.

Given the titanic and unacceptable rape episode sweeping across the length and breadth of Mama Liberia at an unprecedented imagination, it is 100 times practically difficult if not impossible for any levelheaded Liberian to easily ignore or dismiss Ms. Wilson’s allegation against Amb. Kamayah. One would easily believe Ms. Wilson. It appears that the anti-rape demonstrators, sympathizers, and well-wishers did not abandon their busy and sacred duties and other meaningful engagements simply to take onto the streets of Monrovia to showcase and/ or cause so much apprehension or to exhibit their individual’s attire, they were out there for real a business-this is to fight against sexual predator.

The demonstrators were telling the rest of Liberia about the ongoing seriousness and ugliness of rape, and gang rape seriously permeating by bad actors in the Liberian society. The anti-rape groups are determined to consciously and viciously fight for innocent girls and women alike in towns and cities across Liberia.

There is 99% of an iota of truth in Ms. Wilson’s allegation because sex for a job in Liberia is notoriously rampant among most Liberian government officials according to some sources familiar with sexual exploitation cases in Liberia. Furthermore, multiple sources familiar with these analyses, have also revealed that most Liberian men often seek a huge sexual favor from innocent girls who are bent on seeking a job or asking for financial help either to pay school fees or make ends meet.

Several ladies at home and abroad confided in “Political Hot-Fire” in recent past that sexual favor in Liberia is no longer rampant, but rather contagious in the Liberian society where poverty has taken hold on the lives of many innocent young girls who parents are either unable to look after them and/or had lost everything they once owned in life or are simply old to work.

Those innocent girls are forced against their will to layout with much older Liberian men of their daddy’s ages either to feed their families and/ or go to school, so the Wilson story shouldn’t be dismissed, there are promising possibilities that it may have occurred given the notorious nature of the loose life-style of most Liberian men at home and abroad.

Other close sources also revealed that the Liberian Police Force is in the business of compromising rape cases and releasing most of the perpetrators at the displeasure of grieving families on grounds that there is no convincing hard evidence to convict rape perpetrators in Liberia, which is sad. The Weah’s government shouldn’t simply concentrate on enforcing the proclaim state of emergency for rape involving the creation of a special court and establishing a sex offender registrar, but the President should ensure that the court executes the rape laws on the book (Rape Law of section 2:14.70 which specifically referred to gang rape and qualified it as a first-degree felony crime with 10-years behind bars and the President should instruct his Justice Minister Musa Dean to ensure that the laws are workable through the courts in Liberia.

If President Weah is sincere about his ‘state of emergency’ on rape, the President should first look at the 803 cases between January 2015 through March 2016 reported by the United Nations Mission in Liberia. He should also probe the Gender Ministry’s report on the 667 sexual assault cases on babies, girls, and women and 43 girls and women who were reportedly raped and gang rape in various parts of Liberia. The President should take the initiative to punish the predators who vandalized the 3-year old baby by using a blade to temper with her private parts to create penetration.

President Weah as part of his ‘state of emergency’ should set up a presidential hotline for innocent girls and women to report all cases related to sexual assault across Liberia and passed an executive order for the special protection of girls, babies, and women from the hand of men’s brutality, flogging, killing of women, and other gruesome activities against all innocent girls, babies, women, and children across Liberia. President Weah should dismiss, arrest, and persecute any government officials engaged in the sexual exploitation of innocent girls, women, and babies across Liberia starting with Amb. Kamayah.

Liberian men seeking sexual favor from innocent young girls for grades in school, for a job at both private and government setting, or for business, for land, for rent, for financial assistance, for registration, for scholarships at the Ministry of Education, should be punished severely by the rape law. The Liberian Foreign Affairs Ministry is not only unique, but it is a very delicate institution that should be protecting the hard-earned image of Liberia, Amb. Kamaya has already been accused, with such accusation hanging over his head could damage the good image of Liberia even if he is acquitted from the alleged sexual allegation.

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