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Is R Kelly Planning to Flee to Africa Amid Sexual Assault Allegations? (Courtesy Allafrica.com)

Cape Town — The world is still reeling from the aftermath of a documentary, Surviving R Kelly, where his victims share harrowing details of their alleged encounters with the singer – and this monster wants to move to AFRICA – oh hell no!!!

U.S. investigators are worried after a tip-off that Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R Kelly, is planning to flee the country – possibly to this continent – amid his ongoing criminal investigation. Honestly why Africa – we already have politicians, lawyers, and criminal underworld to deal with. Can be the destination rather be a… jail?

According to a gossip site, Blast, there is a rumour that R Kelly plans to “collect his girls and flee the country before prosecutors have a chance to charge him with a crime”. The families of the women in his alleged sex cult are reportedly worried if the girls travel out of the country with Kelly, they may never see them again, according to Blast.

So, they’re reportedly hoping the 50-year-old singer’s passport is taken away.Again, as it stands right now, so many instances of sexual abuse and violence against women occur on the continent.
As if that isn’t enough, another shocking video resurfaced in the wake of the release of #SurvivingRKelly. This video shows R Kelly performing in Ethiopia, where he can be heard singing …
“Do you have your passport?”

“Did you get your shots?”
“Girl, would you like to come back with Rob to America?”
Right here was the wake-up call – in 2011.
Honestly, was “the Pied Piper of R&B” trying to prey on unsuspecting victims? WTF?!!!
Africa be woke, Satan comes in many forms, shapes and sizes…

R Kelly, for the past three decades, has been accused of sexual assault, domestic violence, having relationships with underage girls and controlling women for sex – including an accusation where he allegedly urinated into the mouth of teenage girl. The jury decided they could not prove that the girl on the video was a minor, and Kelly was acquitted on all charges. Women have been calling out R Kelly for years, but nobody listened. Its only now that people are beginning to listen with the help of campaigns such as #MeToo and #MenAreTrash that address violence against women and girls.

I’m tired of people defending R Kelly and hopefully, its time up for Kelly to pay up for his sins. For many years – before the whole sexual scandals became intense – R Kelly was once loved around the continent. Most people would play his music and attend his concerts- it was a wedding favourite – but now some radio stations have stopped playing his music, and fans are working on canceling the singer completely, even creating #MuteRKelly.

It finally feels like the tide is changing and we are here for it.
Despite mountains of evidence, R Kelly has maintained his innocence over the years regarding the many allegations made against him, and we wonder when his time will be up?

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By Melody Chironda

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