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Is the Nimbaian son, Cllr. Gongloe, an appropriate future presidential material to fight corruption in Liberia?

The New Dawn Newspaper is one of Liberia’s historic news tablets, second in rank domestically and first among online media conglomerates outside Liberia. New Dawn is a media force to reckon with among the officially recognized over 40 publishing media entities in Liberia with enormous competitive indispensable readership at home and abroad.

Believably, the proactive reportage foundation of the New Dawn newspaper is entirely dependent on a carefully selected cream of well-experienced and seasoned journalists under the auspices of its trusted and dependable editor-in-chief, Othello Garblah who by all accounts unleashed a barrel of competitive positive panorama contours on Cllr. Gongloe, whose nickname: “Poor-man-lawyer.” But the question that arose: is the Nimbaian son, Cllr. Gongloe an appropriate future presidential icon who is capable and ready to battle systemic corruption and corrupt practices in Liberia?

Historically, Cllr. Gongloe is considered one of the by-products of the late Baccus Matthew’s progressive movement in the mid-70s. But the progressives themselves were noted for their superb political agitations, sweet political jargon, impressive street corner forums, extensive demonstrations coupled with unwarranted political announcements. The political hegemony of the so-called progressives simply didn’t have the required presidential charismas to organize, execute and lead. They didn’t have the westernized political exposure to govern nor did they have a governing blueprint to manage a political leadership. They were simply ordinary domestic political activists who created a very harmful political atmosphere in the 70s.

The foundation pillars of the progressives in persons of the late Baccus Mathew, former interim president Amos Sawyer, Wuo Tapie, Weewee Debar, Tonia Richardson, Ezekiel Pajibo, John Karweaye, Lucia Massaley Yallah, and Alaric Togba, Cllr. Gongloe among others did fail the young progressives in most institutions of higher learning in Liberia including students at the University of Liberia, where Cllr. Gongloe’s political upbringing became obvious. But neither the Counselor, nor other innocent disciples of the progressives knew the rudiments and consequences of their actions in the 70s, yet Gongloe and others were inevitably remote-controlled ideologically and philosophically.

On the other hand, Cllr. Gongloe is on record as working for corrupt regimes of former interim president Amos Sawyer of the Interim Government of National Unity (IGNU), and former president Sirleaf, where there existed systemic corruptions and bad governance and Cllr. Gongloe did play a key role as Executive Assistant to president Sawyer for four years and Solicitor General of Liberia under former president Sirleaf where there were issues of accountability, transparency, justice, and human rights.

Corruption ravished those regimes but Cllr. Gongloe did turn his blind eyes to transparency, accountability, Justice, and auditing. The Counselor cannot, therefore, claim to be an authority on good governance as a future president when he was tight-lipped on transparency and accountability in corrupt regimes he worked with. Many may wonder, while didn’t Cllr. Gongloe speaks for the implementation of good governance in those past regimes?


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