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Islamic Solidarity wants equal opportunities

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A local Islamic group, the Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy or (ISPD) is calling for equal employment and other opportunities in the country.

The group accused the Government of Liberia of providing huge subsidies to Christian- operated schools, while giving less to Islamic institutions in the country, warning that this has the ability to promote segregation among the citizenry.

Addressing a news conference Monday, 31 August at its head office adjacent CEMENCO compound on Bushrod Island, the chairman of the Islamic Solidarity for Peace and Democracy, Mohammed M.J. Massaley, said over the years government has given more preferences to Christian institutions in the form of fabulous subsidies, while Islamic institutions received minute amount of budgetary allocation.

“We have observed and experienced government giving preferential treatments to Christians over Muslims; for instance, clergymen – Reverends, Bishops, and even Pastors are in various governmental institutions for spiritual purposes”, he complained.

Mohammed said the appointment of Ministers proper, Deputies, and Assistant Directors for public corporations speaks volumes of injustices that have been meted against Muslims in Liberia.

According to him, only one Muslim has been appointed in the Cabinet by the President, while among deputies and assistant ministers, there is no record of Muslims occupying such positions, something which he said contradicts President Sirleaf’s women empowerment policy.

“Our Christian brothers and sisters have been appointed Mayors, Commissioners, and Superintendents even to communities and counties that are well dominated by Muslims and we see this as a complete segregation because every one of us is a Liberia citizen”, he said.

Mohammed continued that Liberia belongs to everyone so “We should all enjoy the blessing thereof; injustice, oppression, and segregation are the major recipe to conflict in every organized society, and to avoid that, we like to recommend to the government that injustice, and discrimination against Liberian Muslims and institutions should be curtailed, and the wealth of our country should be fairly distributed among all Liberians regardless of our religion, tribal, and political difference; that every Liberian should be treated equally and given equal job opportunity as enshrined in the 1986 Constitution.”

By Lewis S. Teh – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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