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ISSA To Kick-Off National High School County Meets Soon

The Inter- School Sports Association (ISSA) has disclosed plans to begin a National County High School Sports Meet programs in the country.

According to the President of the ISSA, Mr. Joseph Willie, who spoke to this paper in an exclusive interview recently, the tournament is expected to kickoff in March of this year all across the country.

He said the government of Liberia, through the Ministry of Youth and Sports has the available sum of forty thousand United States dollars (USD $ 40.000.00) for the planned tournament.

Mr. Willie said several schools principals have welcomed the latest development, given the fact that the National County High School Sports Meet will not in any way interfered with the ISSA league currently ongoing.

He then went on to say at the time of the kickoff this tournament; the ISSA league would have reached its semi final stage.

“With this backdrop, I now say; the National County High School Meet would in no way disturb the activities of ISSA, since its preliminaries would go around the country before coming down to Monrovia for the various qualifier stages,” he told the New Dawn Newspaper.

He finally told this paper; “owing to the fact of capital intensiveness, the games wouldn’t last up to the period of six days after teams from the counties shall have returned back to Monrovia,” he said.

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