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Issues-driven politics, not personality game

Politicians here are taking Liberian electorates for granted by avoiding the real issues confronting the country and instead, playing the personality game characterized by name-calling and blame-shifting. That’s not what the people want to hear, and not what they deserve.

Let’s look at some recent comments by some presidential hopefuls, beginning with businessman Benoni Urey, leader of the All Liberian Party or ALP. Mr. Urey announces to the public that if elected President in October, he would not take salary for two years, but does not say how he intends to expense the national resources for that same period for the general good of the people except that he would empower citizens of Bong County and Caresyburg in Montserrado County.

He stresses that the living condition of Liberians need improvement, but refuses to make any promise and claims that the real problem is lack of leadership, so he wants to give Liberia back to the common people.

Next is Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, standard bearer of the Liberty Party, who claims he is upright and spotless, but there are others in the race whom he alleges have tainted records, describing some as little boy running around with stolen money.

According to him, if given the opportunity to serve as the next President of Liberia, he would lead the country like it had never been led before, whatever that means. Cllr. Brumskine also promises to create an enabling environment under his presidency where every Liberian would feel part of his transformation strategy, but fails to explain how he intends to achieve this.

Ex-bank governor Dr. Joseph Mills Jones is calling for change. He wants the old system to go away, and for change to come, he must be elected President without clearly detailing what kind of change he has for the people, except that he enjoys popularity dividends from his controversial loan scheme while serving at the Central Bank of Liberia.

Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) standard bearer Senator George Weah is not saying much, but insists that this is his time to become President of Liberia-period!

On the other hand, Alternative National Congress (ANC) standard bearer and Coca-Cola executive Alexander Cummings, new on the political scene, is moving from county to county, thanking Liberians for endorsing him as standard bearer, and promising empowerment for the people.

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Although official campaign starts in July, but none of the above candidates is specifically saying how health, education, corruption, food and national security, among others would be addressed if elected in October.

As campaign is barely a month away, the Liberian people expect specifics from those aspiring to become their next President after Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to build on where she would stop rather than who is short or tall, and that Liberia will become a paradise if any of them were elected.

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