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It’s time to think big!

Presidential hopeful and leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE party Dr. Joseph Mills Jones has underscored that no nation can achieve development unless its people begin to think big, a popular phrase introduced here by former Liberian President and war crimes convict Charles Ghankay Taylor.

Dr. Jones is ex-Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, who declared his intention to vie for the presidency after his tenure expired at the CBL. According to him, only with a big mindset and through the act of coordination lack could be achieved in terms of economic growth, emphasizing that “No nation can move toward growth unless its people think big.”

Speaking over the weekend during a petition ceremony held in the Clara Town Market on Bushrod Island, the MOVEE leader said it is about time to do something practical to help mitigate abject poverty among Liberians by electing the rightful person who has leadership ability and care for the citizenry comes 2017.

“If you say you have nothing to give me, I will say you have given me hope,” Dr. Jones told residents of Clara Town community. He asserted that it is the electorates who will determine the positive change of Liberia through their voting actions by electing for themselves a good leader that will help to ensure everyone enjoys the resources of the country, not only the elites.

The ex-banker reminded that Liberia cannot develop if business people are put aside, noting that if elected to the highest office of the land, he will ensure that Liberian business men and women will positively feel the weight of his administration in terms of progress.

He said each Liberian must be the insider to understand what is ongoing in his administration upon given him the power to serve as President in 2018. Dr. Jones pointed out that Liberians must have ownership of their country in every activity they go through without any hindrance, stressing that in so doing it will help them move to another level in terms of development.

“If we say we must fight poverty in Liberia, it should be done collectively,” he added.  He encouraged every electorate to go out and register as their votes will determine the new Liberia that they are hoping for thru the power of their votes, saying “Let us all open our eyes to defeat poverty from our country.”

By Zee Roberts-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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