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It’s Not Fair, Jesus! – Part I

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Da me again.Da me Paul.Yor know my mou’hna scared. I write on anything and about everything – every issue, subject and topic. I na wan know. You like it, jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Da me say so.

I know that life is not far, but, sometimes, the unfairness is too some kinda way. For example, when I listen to or read some of what Jesus says in the Bible, it is hard not to say, “It’s not fair, Jesus.” Da lie, my people?

Think about Matthew 5 verse 28, which says that if a man looks at a woman and swallows spit, he has already had sex with her – he has already committed adultery.

One of the laws of the Ten Commandments is that we should not commit adultery. Adultery is a sin. It is wrong. As if that were not enough to scare us, the Apostle Paul says in I Corinthian 6:9 that fornicators and adulterers will go to hell. Da small thing?

Now, knowing who men are, I think Jesus is supposed to praise or consider us if we look at all these fine, fine women and girls around here and only swallow spit without eating them real, real. Da lie, my people? No, da na lie.

It’s not fair at all, Jesus. How can you say that if we look at a woman some kinda way or swallow spit, then we finish doing the thing to her already? Because we know fornication – or adultery – is wrong, many of us try our best not to do the real thing. We are scared like no one’s business, especially where the Bible says that those engage in fornication or adultery will go to hell. This is why many of us hold our heart and only swallow spit when we see these beautiful women and girls around here.

We were thinking that swallowing spit would save us, since we don’t do the actual thing. But then you come back and say that swallowing spit ehn all da adultery, too? It na fair-o. You yourself know this. How can swallowing spit be the same as doing the thing real, real? Jesus, this one here, I will not eat crab with shame. It na fair today; it na fair tomorrow. Da me say so-ooo, Jesus.

Swallowing for-nothing spit for a delicious food and eating that delicious food da na the same thing. The Bible says that those who commit adultery or fornication will go to hell. For God’s sake, Jesus, you want to tell me you will be happy to send the spit swallower and the real eater to hell together? It na fair.

Jesus, just look at it yourself. There is a very beautiful girl who has just entered a church I am also sitting in. Upon seeing her, I look at her some kinda way and swallow for-nothing spit three times. I na touch here; I na do nothing to her. I only swallow spit bad way because she’s very beautiful.

Now, think about another man in the same church. He sees the same girl and looks at her some kinda way and swallows spit three times, too. Then after church, he puts it behind the girl and captures her. He eats her the next day – he commits adultery with her.

Here is my case, Jesus. I swallow spit and go home – forget about her completely.  The other man swallows spit and eats her real, real the next day. Are you saying dat me and the man commit the same sin? No way, Jesus. I only stop at the bank of the river. He jumps into the river. Da na the same thing.

Seriously, Jesus, it’s not fair for you to say that the man and I are guilty of the same sin. If you want to take it that way, then you spoil the whole thing-o, because, then, from now on, I will not stop to spit swallowing-o. I will also eat them real, real too since you say that spit swallowing and real eating da the same thing. Ehn you see the trouble, Jesus?

Anyway, Jesus, before ending this first part, please allowme to make a serious suggestion in connection with the example I gave above. Let the term “adultery” remain for the actual eating, and let the term “eye-dutery” be used for only spit swallowing. Wheh you think, Jesus?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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