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Rural News

Ivorian Politician Denied

An Ivorian politician, expected to contest a legislative seat as independent candidate in the country’s pending elections, was stopped from campaigning at the various refugee camps in Liberia.

Sonh Robert was advised by local Liberian security not to enter the Dougee Refugee Camp and other places in Grand Gedeh County, Southeast of Liberia. According to our correspondent, Robert had gone to the camps to ask his kinsmen from his region in Ivory Coast to return home and vote for him.

Our correspondent said Robert was denied because he did not seek permission from the Government of Liberia which is hosting the Ivorian Refugees, but decided to engage the local security.

The denial is in consonance with the mandate to disallow politicians and vehicles from the Ivory Coast into refugee camps in Liberia. It can be recalled that fighting erupted in Dougee Town Refugee Camp, Grand Gedeh County as a result of the visitation of one of Alasane Ouattara’s senior party official.

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