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Jallah officially leads Lofa polls

By Lincoln G. Peters

The National Elections Commission (NEC) on Thursday, 30 June 2022 announced pro-government senatorial candidate Cllr. Joseph K. Jallah as the leading candidate after counting 83.92 percent of the vote.

Madam Davidetta Browne – Lansannah, chair of the NEC told a press conference in Monrovia Thursday that Cllr. Jallah had 20,482 votes or 40.61%, ahead of his main rival Kortima Galakkpai of Unity Party (UP) who obtains 16,666 votes (33.04%).

She said the provisional results announced covered 381 polling places of 454 polling places, constituting 83.92%.

“We are pleased to announce that eighty-three (83.2%) of the results have been tallied,’’ said Madam Browne-Lansanah. NEC accredited six candidates who participated in the Lofa Senatorial by-election.

The other four are independent candidates Momo Cyrus obtained 4,753 votes, constituting 9.42%; Representative Mariamu Fofana obtained 5,456 votes constituting 10.82%, and Mr. George Samah obtained 1,176 votes constituting 2.33%. People’s Unification Party (PUL) candidate Mr. Sumo Kupee obtained 1,908, votes, constituting 3.78%.

Releasing provisional results from the just-ended Lofa County senatorial by-elections, Madam Browne – Lansannah refused to specify which electoral districts the commission was reporting from.

Responding to our reporter’s inquiry about the electoral districts that were covered in the NEC provision results, Madam Browne – Lansannah said “my answer to your question is that we (NEC) conducted election in Lofa County so the results right to you are from Lofa County.”

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Lofa is a vote – rich county in the northernmost portion of Liberia with six electoral districts.

The six electoral districts are Foya, Kolahun, Salayee, Vahun, Voinjama, and Zorzor.  Since the 2008 National Housing and Population Census, Liberia is yet to conduct another census despite constitutional requirement to do so after every 10 years.

During the 2008 census, Lofa County had a population of 270,114, making it the fourth most populous county in Liberia and Voinjama, its capital, with a population of 4,945.

Foya had a population of 1,760 then and these numbers might change dramatically today should there be a census.

NEC chair Madam Browne – Lansannah said the senatorial by-election in Lofa County was conducted in accordance with the joint resolution of the Legislature.

She reported that the polls were peaceful, and the tally process begun the following day, which was 29 June 2022 at NCE’s magisterial offices in Kolahun, and Voinjama respectively.

Browne – Lansannah said the process was carried out in the presence of the parties’ agents and independent observers. –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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