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Jealous husband commits suicide

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A 53-year-old man ZaahSwen, who accused his 50 years old wife of involvement in extra marital affairs, has been discovered hanging on a rope tied around his neck in front of his resident in Zone 10B ScottVille Community in Pleebo District (#2) Maryland County, southeast Liberia.

Community sources narrated that prior to the incident at 3A.M. Saturday, 19 September the late Swen had repeatedly accused his widow Helena Doe, 50, of being in love affairs with someone at their charcoal mining site, though she denied.

They disclosed there was a prolonged conflict between the couple prior to discovery of the late Swen’s lifeless body hanging on a rope, adding that family members, including community residents made several interventions, but the case of Mother Helena allegedly loving to a man, who helped her late husband in burning charcoal was not properly settled up to him taking his own life allegedly.

Sources explained the deceased and his widow along with their five (5) surviving children: Princess Swen, Othello Swen, J.D. Swen, RemosSwen and Prosper Swen had lived by selling charcoal. Speaking to the New Dawn in Zone 10B, Pleebo City, the widow of the deceased, Helena Doe, said she and her deceased husband had lived together for a long time.

She said prior to his death, the late Swen accused her of being in love with one of the men, who usually assisted him in preparing and packaging the charcoals. She narrated that her deceased husband’s constant accusation coupled with anger even led him to damage their vegetable farm and demolish a tent they usually sat under whenever they went to the farm.

The 50-year-old widow disclosed that on Tuesday night, September 15, 2020, her late husband entered their room and tore all of her clothes to pieces, using knife due to apparent jealousy. According to her, she formally complained to kinsmen of the late Swen, who promised to traditionally resolve the matter, while community residents also intervened prior to his death.

She said though the situation wasn’t investigated by the kinsmen, the intervention by community members, including some close relatives calmed the situation before the shocking incident. Mother Helena lamented that her late husband never trusted her in their relationship until Friday night while at asleep criminal broke into their house and tried taking away some household materials.

“My people, we were sleeping, my late husband and I, including my children when this criminal decided to steal from us, so my late husband and I came out but we couldn’t see the person; we met our mirror laying in the parlor, broken in pieces, so after viewing it, I decided going back in the room when my late husband said he wanted to ease himself”, she narrated.

However, Mother Helena said after few minutes, she heard a horrible sound from the roof of the house so she and the children quickly rushed out again, thinking that it was the same criminal who came back to steal, not knowing her husband had hung himself in front of the house with a rope and the torchlight used to go out in his pocket.

The lifeless body was seen hanging on the rope early Saturday morning until officers from the Liberia National Police, County Health Team, and community leaders arrived to examine it. Meanwhile, a 15-man jury comprised of the zone leadership and County Health Team after thorough examination of the corpse reported no foul play.

Spokesman for Zone10B, William PapiTobor said the incident is the third in the community, disclosing that last year, a man was beaten to death by unknown individuals, while visiting his fiancée at her home.

Williams added that though there had been other mysterious deaths of citizens but act of someone committing suicide is the first incident since the community leadership took office. He urged residents of his community and other communities to involve their zone leaderships in settling marital disputes.

By Patrick N. Mensah, Maryland–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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