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Jeety commits anti-Covid-19 supplies for inmates

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-Feeds 1,300 at South Beach

Indian Businessman and philanthropist Mr. Upjit Singh Sachedeva (Mr. Jeety) has committed to supplying anti-covid-19 materials to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Jeetytold authorities at the Central Prison to provide him the listing of anti-coronavirus hygienic materials they need so that he and his team from the Jeety Trading Corporation can make provision for them this week.

“So we’ll be here again to support you, some supplies of Coronavirus buckets, chlorine, what you said, we’ll surely come back this week. Give us your listing and then we will see from there what we can provide,” Mr. Sachedeva said Sunday, 20 June during one of his monthly inmates feeding programs.

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His commitment to providing anti–coronavirus materials for the Monrovia Central Prison was in response to an appeal by Deputy Prison Superintendent for Administration Mr. Joel Justin G. Juah who had informed Mr. Sachedeva of the limited quantity of buckets, chlorine, Clorox, tide soap, and other hygienic materials at the facility.

Mr. Sachedeva promised that he will do whatever he can with his own resources to respond to Mr. Juah’s request, noting that Jeety Trading Corporation does not depend on anyone for support in doing whatever it does.

“Commander Justine thank you very much for your kind words, I’m a father too, I have listened to your request and I assure you we will do whatever we can do. We will maybe this week, we will show up again here. I promise you that on behalf of Jeety Trading,” Mr. Sachedeva said.

He explained that he and his team from the Jeety Trading Corporation carried food sufficient to feed 1,300 inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison as part of his commitment to feeding the inmates there at least once a month, using his meager resources.

During the hot meal distribution exercise, Mr. Sachedeva encouraged his fellow businessmen to go and show their compassion, love, and care for inmates who have gone in trouble with the law but need to be reformed to become better citizens.
Mr. Sachedeva expressed thanks to Mr. Juah for granting Jeety Trading Corporation access into the facility to feed inmates on a Sunday, saying “Commander I am very grateful to you and your staff members.”
He noted that prisoners are not only incarcerated for the sentences they should serve, but they are in jail for reformation also.
“So we should show care, love, and compassion towards them,” Mr. Sachedeva added, noting that inmates should not be hated for the crimes they have committed.
The Indian Businessman says through his monthly distribution of home-cooked hot food to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison, he strongly believes that he will be able to inspire one of his fellow businessmen who will also think about helping the inmates one day.
According to Mr. Sachedeva, he started the initiative in 2017 solely from Jeety Trading Corporation, noting that the food was meant for the inmates to feel that they are being fed and taken care of very well.
Mr. Sachedeva said he believes that prisoners and inmates are not only kept in custody for the crimes they have committed, but they have gone into prison to be reformed.
His efforts in forging a friendship, cordiality, peace, and love between Liberia and India and enormous contributions to the growth of Liberia’s commercial sector have been recognized by both the past and current governments.
In April this year, the Indian businessman and philanthropist honored and decorated by Liberian authorities with the rank of Knight Grand Commander of Humane Order of African Redemption during a cocktail reception held in honor of members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps here.
Mr. Sachedeva has renewed his pledge to continue his humanitarian and philanthropist works even having ended his tour of duty as India’s honorary consul general in Liberia.
Mr. Joel Justin G. Juah, Deputy Superintendent for Administration, Monrovia Central Prison, appealed to Mr. Sachedeva to help provide anti – Covid – 19 materials for the prison facility, saying the issue about Covid – 19 in Liberia is serious.
“As I said, I want to use this medium to appeal to you, the issue of buckets, the issues of chlorine, Clorox, tide soap, I mean those hygienic materials, so to speak, we have a very limited quantity in the prison,” Mr. Juah said.
“And this is a continuous [issue], so against that background, I will like for you to help us if you have the means to continue our process,” Mr, Juah added.
According to Mr. Juah, inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison depend “on us” to rehabilitate them, praising Mr. Jeety for being one of the persons buttressing the government’s efforts, knowing the government cannot do everything.
Mr. Juah said he is highly gratified that Mr. Sachedeva is “supplying the prisons today, feeding the 1,300 inmates,” urging the Indian businessman and philanthropist to continue doing what he is doing.
Mr. Juah expressed thanks to Mr. Sachedeva and his team for their continuous support towards inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison. Winston W. Paley, editing by Othello B. Garblah

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