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Jeety expands inmates feeding program

Provides anti – Covid – 19 materials 

By Winston W. Parley

Indian businessman and philanthropist Mr. Upjit Singh Sachedeva (popularly known as Jeety) has expanded his goodwill to inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison, supplying anti-covid-19 materials in addition to the provision of hot cooked meals for the entire prison population in observance of Liberia’s 174th Independence Day celebration.

The provision of 15 plastic buckets with faucets; one bucket of chlorine; 100 bottles of hand sanitizers; five Ctn tile soap; three pieces of thermometers and 1,500 pieces of face masks on 26 July 2021 was in fulfillment of Mr. Jeety’s earlier commitment during one of his monthly inmates feeding programs on Sunday, 20 June.

“We have not only brought food, but we have also brought, based on your request, required materials for the protection of Covid – 19 which is exponentially spreading here. We have brought buckets with faucets, we have brought chlorine, we have brought soap for handwashing and we have brought you thermometers,” he said.

The Indian philanthropist added that the team from the Jeety Trading Corporation also carried sanitizers and nose masks to be divided among inmates.

In terms of the hot food prepared, Mr. Jeety said it consisted of cooked yellow split peas, meat, rice, water, juice, and cake to serve the entire population at the Monrovia Central Prison.

“We are here again as we have identified on a monthly basis. Prisoners are not only here to cover their sentences, but they are here for reformation also. So we want to ensure that we care for them and support the effort of the government in taking care of the prisoners,” he said.

Mr. Jeety expressed gratitude to Col. Varney Lake, Monrovia Central Prison Superintendent, for the opportunity and access given to the Jeety Trading Corporation on a monthly basis to serve the prisoners.

He expressed pleasure to identify with authorities and inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison during Liberia’s 174th Independence Day celebration as a useful mark of his program to feed the prisoners with nutritional meals.

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With the feeding program, Mr. Jeety hoped that the inmates would rejoice on Independence Day while they are serving their sentences in prison.

In response, Prison Superintendent Col. Lake thanked Mr. Jeety and his team, saying this has become an age -old thing now for Jeety from the time the authorities at the prison facilities got in connection with the Indian businessman.

“For the feeding, it’s like we are hundred percent sure because his system is so unique to the extent that whatsoever that he prepares for inmates in custody we normally send our cooks, so they … join his team to prepare the food,” the correction chief explained.

Col. Lake noted that the cordial relationship between the corrections authorities and the Jeety team keeps growing by the day, thanking Mr. Jeety for the gesture.

He praised Mr. Jeety for having made it his duty to always identify with the prison, assuring him that he acknowledged receipt of the gifts and they will be used for the intended purpose.

Col. Lake said their challenges are enormous and they are always prepared to knock on doors, adding that despite being challenged, they are under the responsibility to perform national duty. https://thenewdawnliberia.com/jeety-commits-anti-covid-19-supplies-for-inmates/

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