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Jeety feeds prisoners on Thanksgiving Day and Diwali

Indian businessman and philanthropists Mr. Upjit Singh Sachedeva (Mr. Jeety) has used Liberia’s Thanksgiving Day on 4 November 2021 and India’s national festival, Diwali, to feed prisoners and donate 100 dozens of plates for inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison (MCP).

The inmates feeding exercise on Thursday, 4 November was part of Mr. Jeety and his Jeety Trading Corporation’s inmates feeding program which is carried out on a monthly basis as well as on holidays here.

Liberia’s Thanksgiving Day coincided with India’s Diwali festival, and Mr. Jeety decided to seize the opportunity to celebrate with inmates at the Monrovia Central Prison through the provision of food and needed utensils.

Diwali is a five – day festival observed across India, and it symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

During the food delivery, Mr. Jeety said he and his team from Jeety Corporation went out to feed the inmates at Monrovia Central Prison on Thanksgiving Day, a national holiday in Liberia, and Diwali, an Indian festival, to celebrate with the inmates.

Explaining about Diwali, Mr. Jeety said it is celebrated all across India, adding that it is very fortunate that it falls on the same day that Liberia observes it’s Thanksgiving Day, 4 November.

“We have come also here to celebrate … with the prisoners in form of bringing them food, soft drinks, water, cakes, and we also brought plates for the inmates,” said Mr. Jeety.

Mr Jeety said the last time he visited the Monrovia Central Prison, he observed that the plates in which inmates were served were broken.

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“So we decided to bring today 100 dozens … for them,” said Jeety, adding that he believes that it’s God’s work that he’s doing by feeding inmates.

Mr. Jeety thanked Deputy Prison Superintendent for Administration Col. Justin Juah, and his boss Col. Varney Lake for all the support they have been giving he and his team to perform God’s work.

In response, Col. Justin Juah thanked Mr. Jeety for his numerous supports aimed at buttressing government.

“These items, normally [have] a trigger down effect [on] other prisons. What do I mean by that? These items that we receive, subsequently we distribute them to other prisons,” said Col. Juah.

Col. Juah called on all well-meaning Liberians and philanthropists to do same like Jeety.

He noted that it’s not easy for Mr. Jeety to sacrifice his hard earned money to purchase items for the prisons.

“It means that he [is] concerned about those who have come in conflict with the law,” Col. Juah said.

He added that it’s a plus to see Mr. Jeety continuously supporting the efforts of the Bureau of Corrections and Rehabilitation (BCR), assuring him that the items donated will be used for their intended purpose.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/jeety-to-restore-running-water-at-central-prison/

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