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Jeety offers 45 jobs to BWI grads

India’s former Consul General in Liberia and Jeety Conglomerate Chief Executive Officer Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva has announced forty-five jobs at Jeety Rubber Factory for Booker Washington Institute (BWI) students.

Delivering the keynote speech at BWI’s Post-Secondary and Professional Programs in Kakata Saturday, 11 March 2023, Mr. Jeety said 20 annual internship opportunities are reserved for students who are studying automotive, mechanical and electrical engineering.

He announced another 25 cadet employment slots for BWI graduates with automotive, mechanical and electrical engineering knowledge.

Mr. Upjit Singh Sachdeva

The Indian businessman and philanthropist said the jobs will be available when the Jeety Rubber Factory starts full operations in a few months.

At present, installation of the factory equipment is ongoing, and Mr. Jeety said he needs the foreign expats to train the locals on how to operate these machines.

“As we celebrate the achievement of these graduates, I want to announce here 20 annual internship opportunities for students studying automotive, mechanical and electrical engineering,” said Mr. Jeety.

“It is in this regard that I am partnering with BWI to create industry ready talents through internships and cadet employment opportunities,” he added.

Mr. Jeety noted that he made the commitment considering that when the factory is open, he will depend a lot on the local workforce, particularly those with technical knowledge.

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He told the BWI students that this opportunity is a path to full employment, and it is his hope that the beneficiaries will perform well. 

“Again, the slot is for the best of the best and I look forward to the BWI administration for the names,” said Mr. Jeety.

He indicated that it is important to develop relevant workplace skills and knowledge for these young Liberians as well as to provide them with the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real-world work situations.

He stated that these opportunities also serve as a steppingstone to the job market for the prospective beneficiaries as the world is changing at an incredible pace.

Further, Mr. Jeety said it is about creating a higher-skilled workforce for immediate employment opportunities anywhere in the world.

“In conclusion, I like to once again congratulate the graduating class for a job well done. You persevered and it has paid off. You have worked hard, and you have earned this recognition,” he said.

He urged the graduates to remember the value of their education and the impact that they can make in the world as they move forward.

You are the future of our workforce, and I do not doubt that you will make us proud.

Those who graduated from BWI High School academic programs included 37 from Agriculture Department, 30 from Automotive Department, 25 Accounting Department, 14 from Secretarial Science Department and 25 from Domestic Science Department.

The high school graduates also included 6 from Carpentry Department, 11 from Drafting Department, 21 from Masonry Department, 31 from Plumbing Department, 28 from Electrical Department, 12 from Electronic Department, and 18 from Machinery Department.

Those who graduated after a short-term training at BWI under the Post-Secondary Professional Programs (PSPP) included 12 from Agriculture Department, 21 from Automotive Department, 12 from Accounting Department, and one from Carpentry & Construction Technology Section.

Additionally, they included 10 from Drafting & Design Technology Section, 3 from Masonry & Construction Technology Section, 20 from Plumbing & Pipe-Fitting Technology Section, 58 from Electrical Department, 4 from Electronics Department, 4 from Machinery Department, 82 from Japan Heavy Equipment Operator School, and 22 from Domestic Science Department.

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