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Jeety to recondition Pennoh Building for zogoes

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Indian Consul General in Liberia, Shri Upjit Singh Sachdeva has disclosed plan to recondition the dilapidated Pennho Building on Center Street in Central Monrovia that pays host to hundreds of drug additcts and criminals commonly refered to here as ‘zogoes’. The Indian diplomat and proprietor of the Jeety Trading Corporation (JTC) presently distributes free cooked meals to hundreds of less fortunate persons across Monrovia and its environs in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He said the present condition under which the zogoes live and sleep is unhealthy and vowed to re-roof the entire structure to give comfort and reduce the level of disease contraction among some of the occupants who also sleep outdoor due to leakeages that poses serious health hazard.

The Pennoh Building is one of Jeety COVID-19 hot cooked meal disbution centers where less-fortunate indivuduals receive free cooked food daily. The planned reconditioning of the building will also help ease constraint that the hot cooked food distribution team faces as a result of the current rainy season.

Meanwhile, scores of zogoes have expressed thanks and apprecition to the Indian Consul General for his continuous humanitarian service, indicating that most of their colleagues have died as a direct of contracting severe cold. They noted that besides Mr. Jeety, noone or group has come to their rescue, further prasing him for his plan to make the building comfortable to sleep in.

By Emmanuel Mondaye

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