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Jesus and Some People on Judgment Day

The Dream I Had – Part I
The sun darkened and refused to shine. The moon was nowhere to be found. But there was light. I mean, all could see and see better. Ants walking on the ground appeared to have the size of a huge rat. Multitude of people spread far and wide evenly.

The earth elevated itself evenly, too, with no hills and mountains and valleys to be seen. The huge rivers of the world dried. It was not hot and it was not cold.  No dust. No sight problems. There was no breeze blowing, but no one felt heated.

No one felt hungry. No one felt tired. No impatience experienced. Most people, including me, became confused. One thing that was certain, though, was that everyone seemed to be expecting something. But what was that something?

“People of the world, here comes the King of Glory, the sustainer of all,” announced an angel. Following the announcement was some perfect quietude. Scores of angels soared in the sky like birds trying to relish the atmosphere. It was clear that Judgment Day had visited the inhabitants of the earth.

Before long, the Son of the Most High appeared in the sky. His majesty was felt. It was His glory that had lit the earth. The arrival of the Lord seemed to have produced a situation that seemed to be a combination of peace and uncertainty. Fear gripped some people, while there was excitement in some.

After the Lord, the King of Glory, had descended from heaven, he stopped somewhere in the sky and sat on a very specially designed seat that appeared from nowhere. It was placed on a gigantic platform that looked like the assemblage of scores of mountains. My mind ran to the second-coming passage in I Thessalonians 4:16-17, a passage that says that the Lord will appear in the sky and the believers shall join him there.

But then, the earth did another strange thing. It shaped itself like a massively suspended, translucent platform below which was what seemed to be the most-talked-about hell fire. But what else could it have been. It was blazing non-stop. It was a furnace. All standing on the earth that was now a translucent platform could see the furnace below.

It created trepidations and uncertainties. Some thought the translucent earth looking like a think glass or ice sheet would crack and all standing on it would drop in the hell fire below. Even most of those who, for one reason or another, felt that they would be among those to go to heaven, didn’t want the King of Glory to delay their call any further. They wanted to be taken from the platform as soon as possible.

Above the platform, and above the King of Glory, heaven showed a tip of the iceberg of its unending happiness and trouble-free life. After a few minutes, The King of Glory pointed His index finger below and one hundred persons went flying into Hell. More fear descended on all, including the so-called men of God of our world.

A mad standing not too far from me watched those going to Hell. He realized that his own wife, the head of his church’s prayer group known as the Powerful Women of Prayers.

“Jesus?” he called above the volume of his voice.

“Who are you?” asked Jesus. Silence visited the terrain. Everyone became interested in the dialogue that had begun between the King of Glory and the man.
“Da me, Father. I am Pastor Eatthebible, your faithful servant,” he responded confidently – or rather, scarily.

“Did you want to say ‘your unfaithful servant’”? asked the King of Glory.

“No, Jesus, da me. Da me Pastor Eatthebible, the founder of the Bible Believing Jesus of Nazareth Holy Church of the Living God of Heaven and Earth (BIBEJENAHOCOLIGHEE).”

“If giving the church good-sounding names could save a soul, you would not be on your way to Hell,” the King dismissed the man’s church and work.

“What? No way, Jesus! You can’t do that.”

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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