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JFD acquires magnetic residence imaging

The Medical Director for the Jackson F. Doe Memorial Referral Hospital in Tappital, Nimba County Dr. Francis Kateh, said Liberia has acquired a Magnetic Residence Imaging or MRI to diagnose illnesses. 

Unlike the CT scan previously used at the hospital, the MRI is able to display the interior of the entire human body on color screen, identifying sicknesses for quick medical response.

Prior to acquiring the MRI, doctors at Jackson F. Doe used the CT scan to conduct diagnosis, but bore the trouble of determining specifically what was seen in the human body. The scan is a machine that diagnoses major sicknesses through a high technical radiation process.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information’s regular briefing on Wednesday, Doctor  Francis Kateh said the MRI, like the CT scan, is the first in Liberia and the Jackson F.  Doe is the first hospital to have it operation.

He said the hospital now has two containers of Magnetic Residence Imaging or MRI that goes beyond the CT scan, adding that the MRI shows particles or organs in the body in color. 

He said with the MRI, doctors work becomes easier because images in the human body are displayed clearly.

Meanwhile, the only CT scan that was spoiled few months ago has now been fixed by a Liberian. Dr. Kateh said the manufacturer was unable to repair the machine via internet remote. 

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He also disclosed that an eye clinic for Ebola survivors who are experiencing sight problem as a result of contracting the virus , noting that some of the survivors are experiencing nervous problem and so many side effects. 

“The survivors go through too many pains every day, so we need to stop adding their pain up by dehumanizing and stigmatizing them”, he concluded.

By Ethel A. Tweh 

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