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JFK Striking Doctors Somersault

Doctors at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital have apologized to the hospital management for their recent strike action at the hospital. Recently doctors and nurses at the JFK hospital laid down their tools in demand of increment in salary and other benefits.

n the letter of apology to management, the group said they regret their strike action and every expression made against the senior staff of the hospital, and apologize for their role play in the process.

They added that they do not have problem with publishing the letter in the media. The doctors in the communication said they acted under pressure to please some of their colleagues.

They also apologies to Dr. Gwenigale by not informing him and went straight to president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for assistance.

The spoke person and leader of the aggrieve doctors at JFK Robert Mulbah said in the communication that they stand by the letter of apology written to management and promised to be careful in acting upon information from their colleagues. He however described their action as unjustified and not proper for the image of the hospital.

Meanwhile management have welcomed the doctor’s letter of apology and asked for mutual respect between nurses and doctors at the hospital. Management said the hospital don’t have a model that nurses work independent of doctors.

The Chief medical officer of JFK Dr. Billy Johnson said doctors and nurses do learn from one another. He said doctors need nurses for many ethical supports.

Dr. Johnson said the damages done by the strike action are extensive. He told the demonstrators that rewinding and going back to the press, senior doctors, nurses and others to retract their utterances is the proper way to apologize.

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Dr. Johnson noted that plans are under way to address the issue of salary increments and other incentives.

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