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JFL hails U.S. call to end corruption in Liberia

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Executive Director of Justice Forum Liberia (JFL) Amb. Maxson S. Kpakio has commended the Senior Aide to U.S. President Joe Biden, Madam Dana Banks for adding her voice to the many voices including himself that are campaigning against corruption, bad governance, and demanding accountability in Liberia.

Speaking at a press conference, Amb. Kpakio said that, while his organization appreciates the Senior Aide’s outburst and frank speaking against leaders of Liberia for not doing much in the fight against corruption especially, Justice Forum Liberia is taken aback and flabbergasted by Madam Banks saying that America cannot fight Liberia’s corruption. 

Mr. Kpakio noted that he does not agree with the U.S. government’s direct representative to the Bicentennial events statement, stating that since the U.S.A. is the second home for Liberians and that a great number of government officials in Liberia and their associates are having their saving accounts and mansions in America.

 “The US government can in a minute trace accounts and investment linking to individuals that can be called for questioning which could lead to such money being given back to the people of Liberia,” he argued.  

“Meanwhile, we are once again calling on the U.S. government to assist in the fight against warlords clinching to power which is making it difficult to see the call for the establishment of war and economic crimes court for Liberia coming to a reality,” JFL boss explained.

He stressed further that the fight against corruption and bad governance in Liberia will be achieved only if those who brought war in the country and destroyed it are stopped from milking the county.   


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