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Journalist commits suicide

A 33 year-old Sierra Leonean, practicing professional journalism in Liberia, has reportedly committed suicide in Monrovia.

Arthur Samai’s lifeless body was found hanging recently in the kitchen of the residence of an UNMIL personnel, who he had always claimed to be his uncle in Monrovia.

Arthur’s neck was tied to a rope. Police are investigating. News of his death is reported to have shocked the entire Margibi County because of his popularity.

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A friend of the late Arthur, Bob S. Taylor revealed on a local radio talk show in Kakata, Margibi County that a few days prior to his death, Arthur told him that he was experiencing cold and was on his way to Monrovia for treatment, but surprisingly heard of his death a few days after his departure.

Taylor, the CEO of the local Entertainment in Kakata, noted that predicated upon the information, he urgently proceeded to Monrovia only for the confirmation by another friend, who sometimes accommodate Arthur in Monrovia, that he had committed suicide at his uncle’s house.

He is quoted by our Margibi County correspondent as saying that police investigating the matter told him that there were some photos of Arthur showing that he committed suicide- something, he said, he viewed, but doubted. According to him, the news of his death has already been acknowledged by two of his relatives identified only as Andrew and Tumey with skepticisms.

Andrew, who resides and works in Maryland County, disclosed that when he contacted the father of the deceased, Mr. Arthur Samai, Sr. in Sierra Leone about a brother his in Liberia working with UNMIL, his response was not in the affirmative.

Though he said Arthur Samai, Jr. had always told him about this uncle in Monrovia, he he never once met him until his brother died. He noted that on several occasions, the late Arthur had promised to show him ‘this uncle’, but to no avail.

Andrew further explained that upon meeting the UNMIL man in question, the personnel, he realized that he was not a member of their family, noting that he was told by this man that he got to know the deceased in Sierra Leone during his (UNMIL Personnel) school days.

“When I met him, the guy asked me if I knew my own brother, Arthur; I answered him and asked him too where he knew my brother; and he told me the both of them became friends while he was going to school in Sierra Leone. I also questioned him on whether he knew any other person besides me as Arthur’s relative, but he could not give any proper answer,” Andrew narrated.

He further stated that Arthur, who had always gone to him for assistance, had gone to him this time to seek assistance for his house rent, but was told return to Kakata, following which he (his UNMIL Uncle) would make the amount in question available because he had no money at the time.

Andrew also quoted the UNMIL personnel as saying that on that particular night, they both ate bread together and went to bed in separate rooms, but surprisingly saw the lifeless body of Arthur hanging in his kitchen behind the door the next morning. According to him, the police was then contacted, following which they arrived at the scene and took some photos and proceeded with investigation.

“Our major concern is to discuss how our brother can be buried, and how we can also get back to Sierra Leone to tell the rest of the family about what has happened. Though we have not come here to accuse anybody, we doubt that our brother committed a suicide,’ Tumey said.

Mean time, the late Arthur Samai, Jr. has been laid to rest at the Mandingo Quarter Cemetery in Kakata, Margibi County, following a night wake-keeping, attended by the Margibi County Administration, local journalists, the clergy, musicians, students, as well as teachers, among others.  

Arthur, Jr.- also a teacher and musician, lived and practiced journalism in Margibi County for several years. He also worked for Atlantic Radio and Radio Joy Africa- two community radio stations in the county.

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