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Journalist murder probe widens

Liberian police investigators have widen the scope of investigation into the gruesome murder of young journalist Tyron Brown, taking statements from former Police Director Col. Chris C. Massaquoi based on defendant Jonathan Williams’ account.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter said on Monday, 23 April that suspects have testified that Mr. Massaquoi allegedly advised defendant Williams, 48, about the discharge of murdered journalist Browne, prompting police investigators to want to hear from him.

Defendant Williams allegedly murdered journalist Browne at his compound by stabbing him with knife on 15 April, but he allegedly dumped the victim’s corpse in his community that night without calling in the police.
The public have had several days speculating and pointing fingers in different directions over the murder of journalist Browne on Du-port Road. But Mr. Carter says defendant Williams told investigators that he informed Col. Massaquoi of the murder incident the same night of 15 April.

Police have already charged defendant Williams with murder, while two of his accomplices, defendants Caesar Kennedy and Ernest Kemue have been charged with criminal facilitation to murder and hindering law enforcement.

According to Mr. Carter, defendants Kennedy and Kemue allegedly aided and abated suspect Williams in the crime by putting victim Browne in the jeep.

The two defendants allegedly helped defendant Williams to put journalist Browne’s corpse in the jeep, after which he allegedly dumped the deceased in the Kinder Care Community of Du-port Road.

Defendant Williams’ two nieces, Alice Youtey and Elwina Youtey and other defendants in persons of Massa Kennedy and Joana Bracewell are equally charged with hindering law enforcement for their alleged failure to report the matter to state security.

Police say defendant Williams claims he murdered journalist Browne because he took the victim to be an armed robber that had trespassed his compound.

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Meanwhile, Police Spokesman Carter says former Police Director Chris Massaquoi has been very cooperative with investigators, adding that “he was here last week and today he is also here providing us statement.”

He says Col. Massaquoi’s statement will be looked into critically by investigators, noting that police will charge him if there is probable cause to charge.He says police are working with whoever that will surface in their investigation, adding that the fact that Mr. Massaquoi was mentioned, they thought to invite him.Mr. Carter concludes that those charged in the case will be officially turned over to court for prosecution.

By Winston W. Parley

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