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Judge wants Senate Secretary to withdraw complaint

Criminal Court “A” Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie is calling on indicted Senate Secretary Nanbolor F. Singbeh to withdraw a complaint filed before Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, Sr., making a claim that the court issued an alleged subpoena on Lonestar MTN Company for his (defendant Singbeh’s) call log.

In the latest development regarding Singbeh’s call long, Judge Willie and the Clerk of Court Enoch Brooks are insisting that they have proved themselves not guilty in the issuance of subpoena on Lonestar Cell MTN for the call log of Mr. Singbeh.

Judge Roosevelt Willie says the fact has been reviewed, and therefore gives Mr. Singbeh options to either withdraw his complaint if he so desires, or pursue it so that he (Judge Willie) can produce his evidence before whatsoever body, as has been revealed.

“Let this record show it is true that this Judge is not perfect, he has always said this in Court and everywhere, that he does not play with his character and he is very mindful of what he does in this Court because he does not represent himself,” Judge Willie says in a ruling.

He continues by saying that he represents Jesus and he is proud to say that he will not allow his character to be tainted by anyone because of their own selfish greed.

Judge Willie’s reuling follows his recent decision that the court could not work with the Assistant Clerk Enoch Brooks on the basis of issuing a Writ of Subpoena seeking to obtain the indicted Senate Secretary NanbolorSingbeh’s call logs from the Management of GSM CompanyLonestar Cell MTN illegally without the approval of the court.

This matter led the judge to indicate that the Assistant Clerk Court brought Court “A” to public ridicule and therefore he would write a formal communication to Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor through the Court Administrator to have the clerk transferred to another court.

During the ruling, Judge Willie discloses that the purpose of the investigation was to establish whether he issued such subpoena for Mr. Singbeh’s call log for which his photo was placed on the Heritage newspaper and a report has been filed to the Chief Justice.

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“So ifSingbeh was to continue his complaint with the Chief Justice, we now have sufficient evidence that this Judge did not issue any directive to [Assistant] Clerk Brooks for the call log of Senate Secretary Singbeh,” he explains.

“But more than that, the Heritage newspaper that wrote the first story, wrote the second story of clarity in it [on] Thursday, November 26 edition where it stated because it was part of this investigation that this Judge was never a part of issuing or issued directive to the clerk for any call log of Singbeh,” Judge Willie says further.

He details that the ruling is the outcome of the internal investigation and the contempt that was issued on the various individuals.

The case started when the Heritage newspaper reported on Singbeh’s complaint of an alleged “unethical behavior” against Judge Willie on 24 November, claiming that the judge directed Assistant Clerk Enoch Brooks to issue a subpoena on Lonestar GSM Company for the call log.

By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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