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‘Juju’ discovered at church mother’s residence

Four witch doctors contracted by Mother Winnerfred S. Nahgbah of the Redemption Christian Fellowship (RCF) in Town Hall community, Gardnersville outside Monrovia have dug out several items perceived as charms buried in her private premises by unknown persons.

Eyewitnesses narrate that various pieces of charms or Juju were discovered and dogged out on 12 December following hours of spiritual performance by the witch doctors.

According to bystanders, strange materials tied with black tread and traditional seeds, money and male under wears were dug out days after Mother Nahgbah’s 11-year-old daughter allegedly confessed of being member of a witchcraft organization.

The child, whose name was not disclosed, had reportedly confessed during the witch doctors’ performance that she spent five days standing at one of their female neighbors’ window in the community monitoring her life, but was forced to leave the area because the spirit of the neighbor severely fought her spiritually.

Eyewitnesses explain that serious spiritual battle evolved between the traditional healers and witches as they ran around and some were knocked down by the power of traditional medicine, lay on the ground for at least 30 minutes before they made confessions.

The scene of the horrible event attracted hundreds of onlookers, who gathered to take a glance of the strange charms. Witnesses Konah Flomo, Gorpu James, and Mannah Matthews, detail that these harmful materials such as the ones discovered are used by evil-minded individuals to tie people’s progress or even kill perceived enemies.

According to them, the charms were then placed into a large bottle containing oil by the witch doctors and taken away. When contacted, Mother Nahgbah confirms the story but denied that she took the witch doctors to her house without the consent of her husband, who was said to have been out of Monrovia at the time of the incident.

By Emmanuel Mondaye-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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