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Rural News

Jungle Justice in Monweh District

The city solicitor for Boegeesay Magisterial Court in Rivercess County says jungle justice has completely taken over Monweh Statutory District. Attorney Samuel Zoegan alleged that members of the National Traditional Council and zoes in the area were now in the habit of taking peaceful citizens into the bushes to have them investigated for alleged witchcraft activities.

According to the Liberia News Agency, Attorney Zoegan alleged that members of the council, including zoes in the area took a woman into the bush and tortured her after she was accused of going to a site where a child was discovered dead in Boegeesay town, Monweh District in River Cess.

The city solicitor said as a result of the situation, he has halted his official duty, and added that he will not return to work until the issue of jungle justice by the traditional people is halted by the government. He also alleged that his residence was invaded by the traditional people recently while trying to intervene as a lawyer in Monweh Statutory District.

It can be recalled that early June this year, Rivercess County Superintendent Wellington Geevon Smith halted all traditional activities in Monweh district after the death of little Jessica Tiah and the kidnapping of a four-year-old boy, which led to the ex-communication of four persons from the district.

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