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Jurors Face Probe in Ecobank Case

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At least three jurors are undergoing investigation at the Criminal Court “C”, Temple of Justice for allegedly deceiving the court, and being in constant contacts with two of the five Ecobank-Liberia employees facing prosecution for allegedly stealing over US$478,000 from the bank in 2011. The jurors allegedly involved are Edwardlyn Cuffy, Rynker//Ryner P. Zingbah and Varney Massaley.

Prosecution’s amended indictment claimed that defendants Stanley Johnson, Glen Washington, David Yenego, Mandela Kaiser and Othello Smith allegedly stole US$378,676.26 from Ecobank-Liberia through a double cash transfer scheme in May, June, August and November, respectively last year. But the defendants have denied the claims.

On Tuesday, October 9, 2012, State Prosecutors represented by Theophilous T.C. Gould and Montserrado County Attorney Darku Mulbah, among others accused Edwardlyn of forgery for giving false information regarding her current residency during the jury selection process.

Besides, the prosecutors vowed to prove upon court’s order, alleged telephone communication which continuously existed between defendant Stanley Johnson on his mobile number 0886564999 and Edawrdlyn on her number 0886129915 on August 30, 2012.

As for juror Rynker/Ryner P. Zingbah, the prosecutors claimed she serves on the jury panel by reason of interest, on grounds that she personally knows defendant Stanley Johnson.

Juror Zingbah is accused of allegedly being in contact with defendant Stanley Johnson on her number 0886443059 and Stanley on his number 0886564999. She is additionally accused of deceiving the court by the name Rynker/Ryner P. Zingbah, instead of her actual name said to be Lois V. Logbah.

The prosecutors further alleged that Juror Varney Massaley has interest in the case, on grounds that he personally knows defendant David Yenego prior to the commencement of the trial. Varney is alleged to be in constant contact through his number 0880529843 with defendant David Yenego whose number is 0886464942.

The prosecution deems as gross disrespect to the court, the act of the jurors to engage in communication with the defendants in the dock, and therefore begged the court to disqualify the jurors, and to institute a strong measure against them to serve as deterrent.

Prosecution further requests the court that defendant Stanley Johnson and David Yenego should undergo strong punitive action for their alleged involvement in the acts to serve as deterrence.

But the teams of defense counsels, Lavla Karboi Johnson, Swahillo Sesay and Arthur T. Johnson, among others, separately representing the indictees are calling on the court to overrule and dismiss the state’s application on grounds that it is intended to delay the trial.

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