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Justice Min. Dean, where is Your Legal Forbearance?

The Liberian Presidency is a sacred, inscribed and intricated civic democratic institution. However, the presidency can easily be ruined at the mercy of some opportunistic presidential appointees who may be potentially and indirectly antagonistic to President Weah, purposely to advance the concept of a rule of law, efficiency, effectiveness, pragmaticism and or political stopgap, since President Weah is a proportionately a pubescent political actor in the Executive Mansion.

President Weah has not been fortunate to fully comprehend the dynamics and the political sophistication of the Liberian presidency that would enforce his political might in the direction of him making a critical independent assessments and informed judgement taking into consideration all the enormous technical facts that are directly embedded within the ambit of the Liberian presidency since the cradle of Liberia’s second democratic dispensations in sequence. But pieces of political experiences have unearthed that the Liberian presidency is virtually a symbol of perpetual African prestige, enormous wealth accumulation vehicle, a well-calculated affluence festivity, and the crafting of a rich developmental resume in pursuant of a presidential aggrandizement as means of suppressing perpetual poverty throughout the president’s lifespan.

Since President Weah is still adventuring around the inner workings and the ramifications of the Liberian presidency, he will for the next three years be vulnerable to political thieves, betrayers, falsehood, detractors, pretenders, pathological liars and doubled standard personalities among and between his political appointees’ orbit. President Weah will be duped and hoodwinked a thousand times during his presidency to even affix his signatures on many papers. He will welcome multiple unwise economic and security decisions unknowingly to himself that could eventually plunge his presidency into perpetual political crises beyond his control.

One such political hoaxed come from the deceptive decision made by President Weah’s Justice Minister Dean when he placed a ban on authorized public assembly in any manner and form quoting an Act Requiring the “Obtaining of Permits for Public Marches and Demonstrations, approved February 10, 1975, and Section 22 of the Liberia National Police Act of 2015, any person or group of persons wishing to stage a march or demonstration must first obtain a permit from the Ministry of Justice before staging such a demonstration.”

Justice Minister Dean’s decision is a dangerous game intended to betray President Weah, especially where the minister willfully kept his silence on the Liberian constitution which clearly stipulated in Article 17 “All persons at all times , in an orderly and peaceful manner, shall have the right to assemble and consult upon the common good, to instruct their representatives to petition the Government or other functionaries for the redress of grievances and to associate fully with others or refuse to associate in political parties, trade unions and other organizations”

Minister Dean is vehemently aware that the Liberian constitution takes precedence over the Justice Ministry and the LNP’s versions on demonstration. The Minister however by his false and advanced intentions to fool President Weah that the Liberian constitution doesn’t count in this particular scenario. It is the Justice Ministry and the LNP versions that counts, contrary to the interpretations provided for by the Justice Ministry and of the LNP which betrays President Weah.

To prove further that Minister Dean wants to destroy the Weah’s Presidency, he has prompted Weah to believe that Section 10.1 of the Code of Conduct, entitled, “Declaration of Assets and Performance Bonds” is not compulsory for President Weah. This is a clear indication of how President Weah is being thrown under the bus by Minister Dean. Minister Dean has also ignored the fact that Liberia is highly fragile with 16000 ex-rebels’ fighters and their warlords living side-by-side in Liberia waiting for the least crisis to happen for them to be in motion once again. The Justice Minister is aware of this type of fragility is affecting Liberia’s security network, yet he is making a crisis decision to put the Weah’s government into perpetual crisis thus betraying the very government he is working for.

Sources closed to the Justice Ministry revealed that foreigners are smuggling arms and ammunition into the country and nothing is done about that, yet the minister is making a terrible crisis decision to mess President Weah’s government. It has also been revealed in security circles in Liberia that 9 out of 10 LNP recruits are former ex-rebel fighters and 50% of the so-called 4000 Liberian soldiers are former rebels who are pretending to be loyal to President Weah when they are not, yet in the midst of these fragilities, the Justice Minister is making dangerous decisions for a potential crisis that would jeopardize the Weah’s government.

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Ironically, the Justice Minister once lived in the U.S. and in England for many years. The Minister is in acknowledgment that citizens of those countries assembled freely, expressed their opinions freely, conduct peaceful demonstration without any permit, not even one from Jesus Christ the son of God. Cllr. Dean once served as Deputy Minister of Justice and Deputy Attorney General from July 1996 to February 1997 and knows that Liberia is highly fragile since the 16-years civil wars were not persecuted yet he is making crisis decision to destroy the Weah’s government.

Mister Dean where were you when on September 7, 1984, the late Doe’s Justice and Defense Ministers Jenkins Z.B. Scott and Gray D. Allison ordered the flogging, stripping, raping and the killing of over 60 University students on UL campuses because they violated the so-called Justice Ministry and LNP permit to freely assembled against the fundamental principle provided for under Liberia constitution? Which was basically wrong. Do you know the aftermath of such a crisis decision like the one you have just signed? The late Doe’s regime fell. Minister Scott died like a pet on garbage site and Allison died dishonorably? Where were you when those events unfolded in 1984? You need to ask your former boss President Sirleaf and Dr. Amos Sawyer who lived with those bad memories—Put on your thinking cap Minister Dean.

Furthermore, be educated that constitutional laws are a fundamental bear rock of any society that believes in the tenets of democracy. President Weah cannot claim to be a law-abiding democrat but vehemently and willfully undermines the laws of Liberia and at the peril of presidential power and are the same time ignoring all those blatant violations of the laws by President Weah and at the same time compelled Liberians to abide by a demonstration laws of Liberia that is wrongly being interpreted. This is a doubled standard and a lip-service to Mama-Liberia, especially at the time when Liberia is at a severe security risk from within.

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