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Justice Minister, others face arrest

Liberia’s Justice Minister Cllr. Frank Musa Dean and APM Terminals Managing Director George Adjei have been ordered arrested by the Civil Law Court in Monrovia for contempt, with a mandate to detain them at a nearest police station if they are arrested after working hours.

The arrest order dated Monday, 22 June, states that the court wants the officials to be brought before it to show cause why they should not be held in contempt of court for their refusal and failure to obey its order to retrieve a container from APM Terminals.

The matter relates to a case before the Court in which a business group said to be headquartered in Conakry, Guinea known as Agid Sarju Complexe Aro Industre is accusing its partner company Aria Gida Katku Madd Sanvet Tic Ltd of diverting funds intended to jump start a business agreed upon.

Agid Sarju Complexe Aro Industre whose principal is a resident corporation in the Republic of Guinea says it appointed one Aboubacar S. Balde as its Attorney – In – Fact to represent its legal interest here in Liberia.

The group says it is involved in the production of powder juice, lemon tea and other food stuff with headquarters in Conakry.

The group complains that in February 2018, it allegedly entered a partnership agreement with Aria Gida Katku Madd Sanvet Tic. Ltd., for the construction of a production plant in Conakry valued at US$302,800 with 50 percent capital contribution by each party.

Agid Sarju Complexe Aro Industre alleges that it wired its 50 percent share, amounting to US$151,400 in keeping with the agreement, accusing Aria Gida Katku Madd Sanvet Tic Ltd. of receiving the money intended to procure four brand new machines, packages and processing materials to jump start the production in three months.

But it claims that Aria Gida Kaktu Madd Sanvet failed to deliver on the promises, and instead requested Agid Sarju Complexe Aro Industre to transfer additional money due to alleged financial difficulties.

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Agid says it made several transfers which amounted to US$55,200 and US$60,139, noting that it paid a total of US$206,600 and Euro 60,139 which far exceed its share of 50 percent capital contribution as agreed upon.

Agid continues that after full compliance with the agreement, it discovered whtt Aria Gida Kaktu Madd Sanvet only shipped his old machines followed by the shipment of two containers, one of which valued US$18,000 and the second which only contained half of its content was valued Euros 10,000.

When asked, Agid Sarju complains that Mr. Reza Akhavein was consistently reneging and failing to live up to the other terms of the agreement, including the procuring of the four new machines, processing materials, packages and other assorted materials for which Agid had provided US$300,000.

By Winston W. Parley

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