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K-Deltas Wins Female Championship

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The female session of the just ended Liberia Basketball Association season witnessed K-Deltas emerging as champion for the six times after winning four consecutive championships, with two in separate seasons.

There were lots of exciting and excellent team performances, but only six teams made it to the last group stage at the newly constructed basketball gymnasium at the SKD sports stadium. K-Deltas repeated her tremendous efforts as former Champion to whip Density Queen on a two point’s breathing space at Forty Eight to Forty Six points.

The Liberia Basketball Association top flight championship race was on Friday captured by the Yellow and Black Boys of LPRC Oilers after they whisked Monrovia Sky Force 64-42 nettings.

The match on Friday was characterized by fantastic and strong-minded game format from both teams as they were in search of the championship. But it was LPRC Oilers that emerged the winner after winning all of her playoff Big-Six matches.

Georgia Blazers was unable to stopped Rockers in the lower division after allowing 41 baskets in her net during the final match of the Big-Six in the 3rd division. The inability of Georgia Blazers to maintain the Rockers robbed them of the 3rd division championship.

Senior Pros Whipped Garnerville FC

The ongoing French Tournament organized by the French Embassy in Monrovia on Saturday lighted the Antoinette Tubman Stadium with exhilarating matches.

The most interesting match of the day was played between Garnerville FC parading most of the contingent that won the Liberia Football Association 2nd division championship along with other legs from FC Fassell.

With the absent of  James Debbah, George Gebro, Jonathan Boy-Charles Sogbwe and others,  Kelvin Sebwe, Dionysus Sebwe and Ben Saydee led the team to victory. They defeated the fresh and young legs one-zero through a Kelvin Sebwe 65 minutes free-kicked.

It was the second match for the former international players, they are chairs on top of their zone with six points from two matches and they will honor their last group stage match this weekend.

The tournament has become a yearly event for the French mission in Liberia; the French ambassador to Liberia is currently sponsoring the Street-Soccer team playing in the tournament.

The Street-Soccer team was drawn up from the Street-Soccer program implemented by Kelvin the Technical Director for Football Development at the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

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