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Kanvee Adams Unveils Half-Million Project for Homeless Old Folks

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaBrooklyn Park, Minnesota – Liberia’s celebrated leading Gospel singer known as Kanvee Gaines Adams, leaves Minnesota tonight for the state of Wisconsin to commence a funding-raising drive aim to help build a shelter that will accommodate disadvantaged wards and older folks currently roaming the streets of the war-torn West African nation without homes. Kanvee Adams made the disclosure Sunday night at Brooklyn Park Center High School in Minnesota.

Mrs. Adams visited the Twin Cities of Minnesota at the weekend where she also participated in a charity Gospel musical concert mainly geared toward raising fund to build a modern-multipurpose library in the city of Kakata, about 45 miles north of the capital that will serve as resource center for young pastors and local residents.

Sunday’s concert is a separate project from Adams’. It’s one of several hosted here recently by Liberian Ministers Association of Minnesota that comprises a group of Liberian pastors who are working to make a dream come true in Liberia, where in the words of LMA’s spokesperson, Rev. Dr. Francis Tabla, “There is not a single public library in the entire country since its independence in 1847.”  

In an exclusive interview with our correspondent after her enthusiastic performance, the award-winning West Africa Gospel singer, charming Kanvee Adams, estimated the targeted amount for her current project for homeless children and elderly folks as US $500,000, and appealed to Liberians, friends of Liberia, as well as Liberian owned businesses in the United States to come out and join her musical concerts to make this endeavor a success. The Gospel singer further revealed she has already acquired land in Brewerville, an idyllic thriving community located in Virginia, outside of the capital for her project.

After the state of Wisconsin, Kanvee, accompanied by her beloved husband Emmanuel Adams, plans to visit the states of Iowa, Taxes, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in the coming weeks, before heading to the Caribbean to climax her fundraising tour.

Kanvee Adams herself is a victim of the 14 year-old civil conflicts that left more than 250,000 people dead and ruined the country’s underrated infrastructures. That might be one reason why she holds this shelter project dearly to her heart and wants to change the unfortunate plights of those made parentless and homeless by the brutal civil wars. 

Born onto a devout Muslim family as Kanvee Kamara, young Kanvee is reported to have lost contact with her biological parents as they all fled from a conflict in which one of the country’s main warring factions targeted people of Muslin descent. Luckily, just by some divine intervention, a Christian couple bearing the name “Gaines,” picked Kanvee and raised her like one of their own, thereby introducing her to Christianity.  

For people wishing to donate funds for this project, please contact The Kanvee Adams International Ministries or via her Facebook: Kanvee Gaines Adams; Kanvee Adams.

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