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Keep your integrity

The spiritual head and general overseer of the Grace Tabernacle Ministries a.k.a. Repairer House Fellowship Center located at ELWA Junction in Paynesville Rev. Benedict Kollie has stressed the need for Christian men to keep their integrity, if they must succeed in their daily lives and the kingdom of God.

“You Christian men attending this conference, and listening to me, if you must progress in your lives as Christians then you must uphold your integrity, because this is what makes us men; any men who does not keep his integrity finds it difficult to progress in life”.

Rev. Kollie gave the urge last Thursday, December 1, 2016 at the Church during one-day men’s conference held on the theme, “The Roles and Responsibilities of a Christian Man.” The conference was organized by the men department of the church and brought together men from various churches across the country to strengthen their roles both in the church and their various homes.

Rev. Kollie outlined three cardinal functions of men if they must succeed in their daily lives. According to him, Christian men should be very prayerful, have vision and uphold integrity, “When you have all of these things, life will be very easy to control; you wouldn’t have to worry about something that is beyond your control.”

He said the reason why most men, who call themselves Christians, find it difficult to succeed is because they lack the three cardinal principles that every Christian men should have, noting that women are taking over leadership in various churches due the failure of men to keeping their integrity.

“Because we lack vision, prayer, and integrity, as the result, women are placed into every position in our various churches”, he added. He told the participants this conference must not be taken for granted, because “what we want to see is for everyone to go back to their various houses with a change of mind that must come with respect for your wife, you cannot just come and sit, but we expect you to demonstrate what you have learned here, it is your time you men to rise up, and take your place”, Rev. Kollie challenged men.

Also speaking, the Dean of Students Service at the Monrovia Bible College, Pastor Andrea Neufville urged men to have faith whenever they communicate with God. He said everybody has faith, but what makes faith to work is action, saying “in order for your faith to come to fulfillment, there is need to put that faith to work through action.”

Speaking on the theme, “The Biblical Priorities of Christian Men”, he pointed out that men have many priorities, including Family, Country, Job, but the first, and foremost should be focus on God.

“When you get God in your life, there is nothing that will serve as deterrence to you, because whenever you mention the name God, things will work out for you. When you decide to stand, and surrender your life to God, there will be lot of distractions, difficulties that will come your way, but it is God himself that will fight your battle against your enemies.

By Lewis S. Teh-”Editing by Jonathan Browne

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